Forgotten but not gone

It’s been two and a half months since I last blogged. After writing twice a week for almost a year, I suddenly ran out of steam. I guess it had been coming for a while. During our May trip to Center Parcs in May I wrote about when I had no desire to blog. I bounced back a bit but my post writing dwindled and then in July I reflected back on why I actually blog in the first place. I got drawn into following the blogging community. Except my blog isn’t about money or promotion. Sure, I enjoyed getting the comments but not at the cost of all my time.

It’s weird because stepping back from the blogging world, I noticed how everyone is doing the same thing on a loop. I get it because blogs are here to document lives and share experiences. But there are only so many posts you can read about someone’s child giving up a dummy (which yes, I know I wrote myself!) or about the challenges of blogging. I have the utmost respect for those bloggers who continue to commit the time they do, both those who do it as a hobby and those who manage to make it a profession. But long term I’m not sure it’s for me. It takes a lot of one’s time and, what’s more, it’s demands significant access to one’s life.

During my blogging time, I saw a lot of people come and go. I suspect that’s what people think has happened to me, that I’ve abandoned blogging. I came onto the scene for a year and then I went away. But I’ve been here for the last decade and I don’t intent to stop now! The twelve months I spent engrossed in my blogging world were not wasted though. I’m sure there are loads of things I could have done with the hours I spent writing, reading and commenting. But committing to my blogging was an important experience for me. It helped me feel like a part of something bigger – to get to know some wonderful people from around the country and the globe going through both similar and different parenting experiences. It also gave me some confidence in my writing; I have never written for anyone else but it still made me really happy to get some genuinely engaged comments and ‘features’ on Linkys for some of my posts.

I’ll miss the interaction with other bloggers (although I still have a bit on social media now and again!) and I’ll miss the excitement of getting comments on my posts. But I’m all for adapting and changing as life demands. Right now I want the time to do other things or to just sit. In part that was influenced by H dropping her nap, leaving me with only evenings to write. In part it was because baby 2 (yep, we have one of those on the way!) starting draining all my energy as it started growing, leaving me snoozing through most evenings. Perhaps in another years time I’ll want to get back into it again, but for now I just want to get back into the routine of recording the events I want to remember.

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