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February 20, 2017 at 4:02 pm by Angela

Whilst there is nothing stopping me from doing things in the garden throughout the year, let’s face it – from the end of October through until the first signs of spring it’s not that nice out there. I’m not a hermit through the winter. I’m outside all the time and Little H and I love going on walks on our mummy-H days. But going out in the garden is generally a depressing and muddy experience. I don’t want to churn up my lawn and I can’t do much to the shrubs and flower beds at the time of year. But then suddenly the weather will change slightly and without even noticing I’ll have my secateurs out and I’ll be pruning something. When that day arrives, I swear I feel my soul lift! Because nothing is better for my physical and mental health than some fresh air, sunshine and a bit of time with my plants.

The awesome planters we put in late summer last year!

‘The Day’ for me was this weekend. On Friday afternoon Little H asked to go in the garden so I popped her in her waterproof trousers (it’s milder but there is still damp mud everywhere!) and got her slide out. It has proved to be start of a new routine because we have been out every afternoon since. Today we were even out there before lunch. Her gardening set was out and there was some water play and earth digging! It was even mild enough that she only needed her cardigan. AND there was enough sun that she needed her sun hat!

She was so happy out there, it was a real joy to watch her play. It’s moments like this which also make me realise how much she has grown and changed over the winter. When we put the garden to bed at the end of autumn she wasn’t confident enough to climb her slide on her own. This weekend she’s been up and down the thing hundreds of times. There is also a small step down from the lawn to the patio which she couldn’t do unaided. Yesterday she just stepped right down with a massive grin of her face. It’s a real relief to know I won’t have to watch her every single second in the garden now!

On our way back from Music Train today we stopped off at B&Q to buy some new life for the garden. One thing which I definitely needed to get was a couple of planters to put along a small wall from the lawn to the patio. Over the summer I had tomatoes there but there has been a big gap over winter. I’ve been really anxious that Little H will accidentally run over the edge so I have been putting tall plants around the edge to act as visual guide. During nap time I got the wooden planters set-up with two stunning Goldcrest Cypress trees. We have a couple already and I really love them

I bought a few little shrubs for pots and borders to start to bring a bit of colour to the back garden. I also felt the front porch needed a bit more life to it again. I love getting home and seeing some beautiful plants to greet me. I neglected to buy and plant bulbs at the start of winter. So I took the lazy approach and bought a pre-planted pot of daffs! I also fell in love with all the hellebores they had. I reigned myself in though and got a pale purple Helleborus niger. I’m quite chuffed with the new step layout.

I’m feeling so much happier in myself having spent time outside. Getting close to nature helps me clear my head and lends perspective. Little H has been in a much calmer mood since she’s been able to go outside too. Whilst it’s lovely to chill out and snuggle up at home, cabin fever kicks in quite quickly. In these turbulent Terrible-Two times, where the mood can change in a second, being able to go in the garden is going to be a game changer! Especially since mummy can sit on the bench with a cup of tea.

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Some comments:
    • Thanks – still has a way to go to get it where I’d like it. But the tidy up at this time of year is always the toughest bit. You guys should definitely get outside in your garden! Thanks for reading lovely xx

    • Thank-you. So kind of you to say! It’ll be lovely for you to enjoy your new garden this summer if you’ve just moved. We’ve only been in our house for 18 months so I’m still working on the garden. Hope you manage to get some plants out this year too. Thanks for reading xx

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    • Thank-you for your lovely comment! I can imagine your courtyard garden it challenging. However, I bet it’s a wonderful oasis from the city life when filled with pots of shrubs and flowers. A large majority of the things I grow also thrive in containers. My sister has a courtyard garden in Tooting which I am planning on helping her style a bit! Hope you also do another tomato crop this year xx

  2. We have recently moved to a new house and been wondering what to do with the new garden, this article has given us a few good ideas and also reminded me that we need to get a bigger garden slide for our daughter too 🙂

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