Going from three to four!

Since my previous post just under a fortnight ago, the Watling family welcomed its newest member. After waiting as patiently as possible for things to ‘get started’ they inevitably did so when I was distracted and not expecting it, resigned to another week of waiting. I will replay ‘The Arrival’ another time, but for now I shall introduce the newest member of this blog, Little H’s baby sister – Little Z!


As is always the case with big life-changing events, it feels like just yesterday she was born but also that she’s been here forever. In part I think that’s because life has just continued as normal but with Little Z there with us as well. It has been such a different experience to when Little H was born; there is so much truth in people saying second children just ‘slot in’ to family life. With Little H we did exactly what every first time parents do: we got home from the hospital, put the car seat down and looked at each other as if to say “What now?”. Whereas with Little Z we wanted to get home to see Little H. The day after I gave birth when we woke up, I got out of bed at normal time to sit with Little H before nursery. I’ve breastfed Little Z whilst getting Little H ready for bed. I’ve tried to sooth a grizzly Little Z as she lays on a cushion next to me as I dry Little H’s hair. The routine continues and Little Z goes along with it. She knows no different and it’s important to Sam and I that we keep things as normal as possible for Little H.


Little H has been a superstar through the whole thing. It took her a few days to get her head round the fact that ‘Baby’ (as we’d referred to bump as) was now Little Z. She was as prepared as we could make her for ‘Baby’ arriving but the reality of a small squirming and crying thing was still a bit of a shock for her! Even over a week into Big-Sisterhood, she still declares she “doesn’t like crying” and looks to me to make Little Z sush! We are fortunate that so far Little Z is passive and calm soul who doesn’t cry that much!


So life is the same but also fundamentally different. As I find myself being more and more active again, it feels more ‘normal’ I have struggled a little with not being able to go out walking or to classes with Little H. But in reality it’s hardly been any time at all and she’s has really enjoyed the extra time with her dad. So I am reminding myself to enjoy the freedom Sam’s paternity leave allows because before you know it, I’ll be managing two little terrors all on my own. Eeek!


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