Growing-up again

Whilst H changes and grows a bit every day and week, it feels like she occasionally goes through bigger jumps of change*. Now feels like one of those times.

For starters, since the weekend H is now in her own room. Sam has been suggesting it for a while but I wasn’t happy to move her. The guidance is to keep them with you for 6 months, but also it was always a big emotional step for me to move her further away from me. However, over recent weeks as she has got more active, she has got more and more disruptive at night. Around 4 months babies more to a more ‘adult’ sleep pattern too and that meant we kept waking her up when we went to bed. Then, throughout the night, she’d wake us up by kicking the bars of her cot as she moved herself round! It’s only been 4 nights but they feel to have progressively got better. Last night I didn’t need to go in to her apart from her feed.

2015-07-08 08.09.30
Once where my desk stood, now H’s domain!

She also wants to be more upright for her playtime now. She used to amuse herself for ages on her play mat. But now whilst she’ll still play on it, she gets bored quicker…even if I give her extra toys. She’s been trying to sit up a bit too.

2015-07-08 08.42.46
No longer sufficient..

So we bought her a ‘jumperoo’ thing last week and she now goes in that a few times a day. She’s still not got the core strength she needs to go in it unsupervised or for longer than about 10 – 15 minutes at a time, but she’s been delighting in being upright! We’ve also been doing more sitting play and playing with water.

2015-07-08 07.59.55
The new toy in town.

Splish, splash, making a mess!

We’re also starting weaning. H has been staring us out whilst we’ve been eating for weeks now. I can’t remember eating my morning porridge without her just laying rigid and staring at me. But I didn’t want to start her on solids too early – again the recommendation is 6 months. So far we’ve only tried baby rice, but I would like to start trying her on some vegetables in the next few days. I’m going to a weaning talk with some friends next week but have decided that I intend to take a more conventional approach using purees to begin with. Baby-led weaning seems to be the ‘thing’ these days, but I prefer the idea of introducing chunkier food once she’s already got used to some flavours. Sam’s parents bought me an Annabel Karmel book for my birthday which has some suggested feeding planners, recipes and other guidance in – it looks really useful.

2015-07-08 08.22.08
Help for the next mammoth parenting challenge.

So in only a few weeks, some big changes have happened. I suspect they will just continue to come thick and fast now. As always, in some ways it’s a little sad that those very young days are getting further and further behind us. But it’s so exciting watching her grow and learn that there isn’t time to do much more than enjoy the moment!

*The book ‘The Wonder Weeks’ by Hetty van de Rijt and Frans Plooij supposedly does actually talk about babies having developmental ‘leaps’. I’ve not read the book but I have the app on my phone. However, I’ve not found it to be quite as ‘spot on’ as a lot of people have told me because H is already doing some of the things she is supposed to do after the leap she has just entered. But that’s another topic of discussion…

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