What Mini H did – 18 months

So many bloggers I follow do monthly updates on what their kids are doing. When I read them, I always reflect back to what H was doing at that same age. It has made me regret not capturing her achievements here; Since my blog is first and foremost a place for me to record life, it would be nice to have something to re-read in the years to come. Embracing the motto “Better late than never.” I’ve decided to start capturing her monthly development / quirks / amusing tales as she turns 18 months old.


General update

I’m shocked to realised H has turned 18 months old. I really don’t understand where the time has gone! She’s grown to be such a lively, fun and happy little person. After finally finding the confidence to walk freely at about 14 months, she now runs back-and-forth all day long. Always playing and exploring, she continues to have extremely good dexterity; Fine motor skills have always been where H excels whilst her confidence often keeps her marginally behind in gross motor. Her personality is very developed now though and she’s definitely got a strong independent streak; Unfortunately I think she has inherited by temper and the number of frowns and thrown beakers we experience weekly just keeps climbing! But her speech is coming on at a great rate now and being understood has made her much happier.

17 – 18 month developments

> Starting mimicking a lot but specifically started saying “yeh”, “no” (in a slightly Mancunian way randomly) and “Puppa” (for ‘Peppa Pig’).

> She’ll occasionally string a couple of words together now. The first time I noticed her do it she asked for “Mo Puppa” (“More Peppa”).

> She’s developed a real love of the slide finally. They have one at nursery and they’ve spent a lot of the summer outside. I think watching her peers play on it has made her try it more. Now she loves going on the bigger park slides!

> After a lot of practice and commitment on her part, she’s managed to do the clip on my bag on her own. She’s been working on this for weeks so she was incredibly please with herself. Before she demanded “Mo” and I had to unclip it for her to do it again. And 7 more times after that…

> I can’t remember if this was 17 month or 18 month thing, but she has eating with her spoon and fork completely nailed.


> Her confidence is improving so she’ll explore a lot more. This has resulted a number of injuries. We’ve had a head bump / scrape bending over too far; A chin scrape slipping off a step; A cut inside her lip from her teeth when hitting her chin on the slide; A graze on her knee from running too fast to Music Train. Fortunately nothing was serious and after at most a small cry she’s just got on with it!

> She went back in the pool for the first time in about 8 months. We stopped her swimming lessons in about October because she just cried the moment we got in the water. We took her into the baby pool at Woburn Forest Centre Parcs and she loved splashing in the water.

> She put her socks on completely by herself. And I don’t mean just partially on, I mean fully pulled up. She’s not replicated it yet but…

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