If it ain’t broke then really don’t try and fix it. Really!

From what I can tell, as babies go, H isn’t a particularly bad sleeper (getting her to nap in the day is a different case!). After the initial trauma of the first 2-3 weeks, we’ve had only a few terrible nights. For the most part she trends to go back to sleep quite quickly after her night time feeds. I am hoping it will continue this way, touch wood, fingers crossed etc.

Just over a week ago we noticed she was always getting crabby about 6/7pm and would then fight sleep until I went up with her at 9pm. So we tried putting her upstairs alone at 8pm on her own for an hour or so. The first few days went incredibly smoothly thanks to our previous bed time routine. So since she was still falling asleep on us downstairs we successfully changed her bed time to 7pm. Everything was going reasonably well.

Since she was born H has slept with a sheet and 1-2 cellular blankets depending on the temperature. We recently ditched the sheet so it wasn’t really doing much. But aside from occasionally kicking off her covers she was happy. Then, last night, I decided to try one of the baby sleeping bags. Bad move.


Everyone always raves about baby sleeping bags. I happened to have one a friend had given me as a gift. So now H is big enough to fit in it, I thought why not try it. That way she’d never kick off her covers in her sleep. When I put her down she flapped a bit more than normal but I presumed it was just over-tiredness. Then she did the same thing after her midnight feed but I thought it was wind. However, when I put her down after an efficient feed at 4am she huffed, puffed and eventually cried. What followed was me effectively doing the whole changing and feeding routine again to then put her back down without sleeping bag and with blankets. That was 40 minutes of sleep lost to me trying to follow a darn sleeping bag trend!

So tonight she has gone to bed with her old-style blankets tucked around her. Aside from the usual flapping around as she settles or is in light sleep, so far so back to normal. I haven’t had to go in to her at all and she’s been sleeping for almost two hours. Of course, the night is long and I’m about to go in to bed myself so who knows what could happen. But at least if the night proves to be trying I have removed a variable that could be causing her distress. I have been quickly reminded that with a 7 week old, if they seem happy then change nothing!

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