I’m just going to rest my eyes…

Days at home with the small one involve a lot of playing in the same room and pottering around the house. So it always comes as a surprise to me how tired I feel at the end of those days; More tired than when I am at work. But when I stop and think about what I actually do on the days I am at home, it makes sense. Because chasing after a baby-verging-on-toddler is DAMN HARD WORK!

2016-02-08 16.46.11
Standing & walking is the new ‘preferred’ state of being

Sure I have to get up earlier for work and commute to London. I don’t have time to take any breaks when I’m there so that I can get out at the time I want to collect H. But, as mentioned in my Top 5 reasons why going back to work is great post, I get to eat my lunch peacefully (the same goes for drinking a cup of tea!) and get on with my day without worrying about having to watch out for a small person trying to grab anything and everything that is potentially hazardous.

2016-02-14 15.51.41
Not too much of a state today…

On my days at home, sure can sit around in my PJs until 9:30am (although that’s not always through choice, but just the first opportunity I have to jump in the shower) but I also spend most of my day chasing around a highly energised one year old. Now she’s very mobile, she tries to get everywhere and she takes her toys with her. Every hour or so she needs a meal or a snack and once she’s decided she’s hungry, something must go in the mouth in order to stop complaining coming out. Trips to the shops have to be squeezed in between naps and meals. Then I routinely have to tidy-up the strewn around toys and food that have been thrown on the floor (because whilst we liked scrambled egg yesterday, today it’s pure filth).

So, there, I think after all of that anyone would be tired. Today I’m already tired and it’s not even the evening! And on that note, I hear stirring so I’m going to make another brew and have an extra snack to re-energise before the final ‘event’ of the day.

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