In the bleak mid-winter…

So Christmas is done. We’re in the New Year. I can confidently say autumn feels like a life-time ago. I can’t be the only one thinking that winter is most definitely here! Everytime I think winter is being kind to us compared to previous years, we get hit by cold snap. As I write this (potentially a week or so before I actually share it!) I am sheltering inside after going out into one of the bitterest mornings so far; it’s that kind of still cold which somehow manages to get through all and every layer you wear.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, second only to spring. I always enjoy, albeit with some sadness, the ‘last hurrah’ of the plants and trees through autumn; for a few weeks the world turns golden and it’s beautiful. When that suddenly reaches an end, I usually feel a bit low. Christmas is the one glimmering light on the horizon through to December. But then, from January, all that I see is 2 – 3 months of car-de-icing, breath-freezing, skin-chapping cold ahead.

But…to stop there would be doing winter a huge disservice. Because in truth this season has some pretty awesome things going for it! So to encourage me (and any of you out there who aren’t relishing the weather right now) to embrace this time of year, here are some reasons why it’s pretty amazing!

•• Cold, crisp, silent mornings – You know the ones I mean. Sure your nose might freeze the moment you step outside, but when you stop and listen you can barely hear a sound.

•• Beautiful frost patterns – Look closely at the frost and ice on the car, the window or a leaf and it has a beautiful, intricate pattern. Nothing is more beautiful that something that forms naturally and this is a great example!

•• Getting home after a brisk walk – After a long walk out in the chilly air, it’s always SO nice to step into the house and be hit by warmth. When it’s properly cold outside, your house doesn’t even need to be warm to get that feeling! I love de-layering and for the first 10 minutes after getting home, feeling warm even in just a t-shirt.

•• Snuggling on the sofa with a cuppa and a film – Sure you can do this at any time of year, but there is something special about doing it in winter. When it’s cold and dark outside, or lashing down with rain, there is no reason to feel guilty for retreating to the sofa.

•• Awesome jumpers – There aren’t many things more comfy and cosy that a nice snuggly jumper. What other time of year are you going to wear them?

•• Long hot showers – Or baths if you prefer. I love hot showers. I mean really hot. I especially love them in winter because for those few minutes my core temperature sky-rockets. I still remember back in my rowing days, one of my favourite things about winter training was getting home, chucking my damp (or often drenched) kit in the washing machine and enjoying my shower.

•• Winter food! – Yeh, I know, we can eat whatever we want at any time the year now. But in reality, we naturally deviate towards ‘hearty’ food in winter. And who doesn’t love a steaming hot bowl of stew, a massive roast, hot soup with crunchy bread or crumble and custard!

•• Spring is on the horizon – In spite of what I said earlier, every day spring draws closer and the signs slowly appear. First the snow drops, then the crocuses and hellebores. The daffs are then soon following behind and once the tulips appear, well you know it’s spring then!

What are your favourite things about winter?


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