It’s too hot in here! Waaaay too hot.

At some point in June, the weather forecasters started talk of a ‘heat wave’. They say that every year, right. But this time some hot temperatures did actually appear. Even I was fairly happy to see them and we enjoyed not needing a jacket, the relaxed outside dinners and watching a film inside in the cool whilst the peak of the day passed. But then the days just kept coming and coming. Then the temperature kept creeping up and up. The lovely accompanying breeze that had been there all but disappeared. And now we’re at the end of July and it’s flippin’ boiling everyday and I’ve had enough. Yes. I’ve had enough. ENOUGH!

Summer Ice Cream Treat

I don’t cope well with heat. I never have. Whenever we used to go on family holidays to my Grandparent’s apartment in Tenerife, Dad would mock me by saying I was the only person to come back paler than when I left. I always argued back that at least I didn’t have sunburn and, not being smug, I’m in my mid-30s and have pretty good skin so… The heat was indeed a massive concern for me when I went on my university year abroad to Granada. Fortunately even southern Spain gets pretty nippy over the winter months. But as I said to my friend yesterday, by about May I was struggling to function. I recall one afternoon where a friend of mine was pestering me because I wasn’t eating. The only thing she could get me to eat was cold slices of gouda. And this is me, the person who is almost always hungry!

Cloth bot on show

Aside from keeping myself cool though, I know have Little H and Little Z. Getting a 3.5 year old to sit still and act sensibly in the sun is pretty much a full time job. I’ve explained to her about dehydration and the importance of drinking. We’ve ‘discussed’ staying out of the sun and why we wear sun cream. But she will still play ‘soft play’ around the lounge mid-afternoon, refuse to have a drink as she sweats away and demands that we go to the park. Meanwhile, Little Z is desperate to move but gets tired quickly. She feeds more regularly (fair enough but means I’m back on 2 hourly milk duty plus back to 2 night feeds which could be worse but still a shock to the system.) and struggles to get to sleep in the stuffy, excessively warm upstairs.

La Mexicana

We’ve deployed fans. We’re wearing our lightest and most breathable clothing. We’re drinking plenty and having lollies. When it’s cooler in the morning or evening, we’ve cracked out the paddling pool. We’ve got the windows shut when it’s hotter outside or there is no breeze and the curtains closed making it feel incredibly dingy inside, making me miss the sun. But by mid afternoon there is no respite. I refuse to wish the time away because my two littles are getting bigger and next summer I’ll be back at work. Plus, whilst I can ‘do’ winter, it’s lovely not being buried under a million layers. But I’m struggling and weary and really hope that in the next week or so it breaks a little so we’re more mid-20s than pushing mid-30s!

One silver lining though is that, so far this summer, I’ve avoided all sun burn. Yeah!

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