What Little H did – 2.0 years

My darling little H,

Happy Birthday my lovely! You’re 2 years old. How can you be 2 years old already? I so vividly remember you arriving. Of being with you that first night in hospital and wondering what on earth I had to do. But now it’s so normal you being here. It’s so normal looking after you. I can of course remember life before you were here…but I can’t remember how it felt full. You’ve tested me with your behaviour this month; you want to be independent; you want to do as you please. It’s been tough at times but I absolutely love my days with you right now.

I wonder what you’ll be like another year on! It’ll be such a delight to find out. But hopefully not too quickly! Before that, here is all you accomplished in your last month as a 1 year old!


> One of your earliest word was “Nana” (it was mult-purpose and also covered ‘banana’, ‘Anna’ from Frozen and ‘Rihanna’ whose songs you like) but you’ve never managed “Granadad”…until now. One afternoon you just nailed it and then used it to full extent on back-to-back video calls with them. And then whined “Grandad” at the tablet every time you saw it.

> Anna is no longer the favourite ‘Frozen’ character. Once you learnt how to say “Olaf” (or “Lolaf”) it was all about him.

> I have no idea why but you called snowmen and gingerbread men “mee man”

> You laid my belt in a circle and then said “circle” – it really surprised me.

> After flatly refusing to acknowledge numbers beyond two (for a couple of weeks, I’m certain it was deliberate!) you finally started counting unaided. I think you’ve managed up to 6/7 without guidance.

> When you point at something now, you exclaim “pointin”.

> For the first time you were able to tell us you were feeling poorly. You came home from nursery and kept saying “Belly hurt”. There wasn’t much we could do and you were unfortunately sick when you went to bed. But when it happened we weren’t surprised.

> You recognise your name written down!

> One day I heard you singing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” on the monitor: “Baa baa, sheep sheep, wool wool wool, yes sar, yes sar…” then babble. It was very sweet. You’re improving all the time and are also getting good at “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

Indoor Play

> On non-bath days I always gave you a wash on your change mat. But you didn’t want to be laid down so I bought you a little step and now you play with bubbles at the sink. You like it more than your bath because I put proper foamy bubble bath in for you!

> To keep you warm as you play in the sink, or so you can run around after your bath, I got you a dressing gown. You love it (it has dogs on it) and you look so cute and grown up.

> A few days after you started having your wash at the sink, you demanded that we brush your teeth in the bathroom too.

> You love to help around the house! When daddy or I put washing from the machine into the tumble dryer, you love to help. We’ll pass you the clothes and you put them in. It takes 3x as long though because you like to show us all our clothes…

> You asked to go to the toilet for the first time (although I think it was for novelty value rather than to do anything!).

> Daddy had his arm in a cast after his bike accident. Whilst paying for something on the phone, he dropped his credit card and couldn’t pick it up. You ran over and got it for him. It was very sweet and made him smile.

> I took the restraint and crotch post from your highchair. You loved being able to sit properly at the table with us. It’s taken some practice for you to climb up and down safely (we did have two falling ‘incidents’ on the first day) but you’re pretty good at it now. You are obsessed with sitting in it to do “cullin” (colouring!).

Outdoor Play

> Buses are a new obsession, overtaking planes. You say “busch” with a little lisp at the end – it’s very cute!

> We bought a bird feeder stand for the garden and you helped me set it up. You were really excited to pour the water into the water tray.

> We went to the wildlife park at the garden centre. It was such a cold day but you loved running round and looking at the animals!

> You loved the Christmas light. I mean LOVED. After the 12 days of Christmas, you went out for your post-nap walk with daddy. But all the lights had gone. You walked around the drive and front lawn. Then you looked up and down the road and asked daddy “No lights?”. Daddy explained they were gone. At which point you said “Back.” and walked to the front door.

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