What Little H did – 2.1 years

Happy February Little H,

Every month my Timehop pings up photos and tweets from the same day in previous years. This month I have now started seeing pictures of you from both last year and the year before. It seems so strange that we’re doing the third time round the calendar together now! Whilst it scares me that you are getting old so fast, I also love that you are so incredibly established in our life now!

You’ve tested us a lot this month. You’ve had a lot going on: change at nursery and growing and developing so much. It’s not surprising that you have acted out a bit. I’ve found it a massive shock though at times. There were points where it felt like I wasn’t able to understand you anymore. But in reality you needed daddy and me even more. Life seems to have calmed a little for you now and the milder weather has meant you can get outside more; you find the fresh air calming.


> You had a bashed toe on your birthday. You got very upset and would only be calm if you wore socks. Within 2 days you had developed a foot phobia. Even daddy and I weren’t allowed to go barefoot. I think it’s passing now but it was, errr, fun for a while.

> For your birthday we got you Jellycat toy lion which we called ‘Leo’. You call him “Lelo” though. Very cute!

> I made you a basic sponge cake for your birthday because I was a little stressed out with everything going on at the time (because of daddy’s broken hand). It made it in the shape of a bear and you loved it. After naps or nursery you’d ask for “Bear Cake peese!”.

> We were building towers on the rug. You knocked mine down and I pretended to look sad. Your expression changed to a sad one and you mutters “Sowwy” over and over, then gave me a hug. Even when I told you I was being silly you genuinely looked upset. This was the first time you’ve apologised without being prompted.

> We’ve transitioned you to a pillow and duvet in your cot. You kept unzipping your sleeping bag so it felt like time. You really love them but it has taken you a week or two to adjust to the new bedding.

> A guy came to measure our windows for replacement. He was a friendly ‘grandad’ type who has been round before. You took an immediate shine to him and followed him around showing him things. You called him “Man” and when he went outside to measure you grabbed your wellies and shouted “MAN, BOOTS!” over and over until I’d got them on for you to go outside!

Indoor Play

> You self-initiated potty training! It started off being ad-hoc but over the last couple of weeks you’ve started to go a few times a day (including first thing, around nap time and at bed time) and you also started going at nursery. On a couple of nursery days they even said you had a dry nappy between potty visits with the exception of over your nap! I had not intended to start you training this early but as ever you’re taking the lead and doing wonderfully!

> You got a tunnel for your birthday so we often get it out indoors to burn off some energy.

> The mum of one of your Music Train friends invited us to go along to Soft Play one Friday. We haven’t been for months because I hated the baby section. Turns out there is a section for little toddlers separated from the big kids. You loved it! You went up and down the slide about 50 times.

> I had to go to work on a Monday because I had a course. Daddy stayed at home with you, but with his injured hand he needed help. So Nana and Grandad Watling came over to help and you had such a wonderful day. You even took them to Music Train with you.

> You moved up to the Toddler Room at nursery after your birthday. It was great to see you interacting with the big kids but made me a bit sad that you’re getting bigger 🙁

> You want cuddles more regularly right now though. You’re developing and growing so much, with so much changing in life. I think you need reassurance and mummy cuddles are a great soother. Mummy doesn’t mind them either!

Outdoor Play

> On a milder day I got your slide out in the garden. Before the winter you were too anxious to climb it. No such worries this time – you climbed straight up and when up and down on it for ages. You don’t want any help or have any fear at the top. Instead it’s mummy looking anxious when you stand at the top and let go of the rail. *Gulp*

> On a lovely mild Monday we also got out the garden toys and you had so much fun playing with your watering can and garden tools! I will make you into a little gardener if I have my way. I suspect your Nana Watling will try and do the same.

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