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January 1, 2018 at 4:32 pm by Angela

Little H,

So we finally reached your third Christmas but the first one you have been really aware of. You have been so excited for weeks, I was relieved when December arrived because it meant I could get your advent calendar out. It didn’t prevent your impatience but it did help manage it a little! But you made Christmas so much fun this year. For the first time years I was genuinely excited about Christmas Day and I will always remember your little face when you came down to see your presents from Father Christmas!


• • You started replaying a bedtime game you started a couple of months ago: when doing ‘bubble sink’, you will put a flannel on my arm as a “compress” because it’s poorly. Then you’ll pour water over it to make my arm warm. I asked you one night whether the water had medicine in it. You replied “Yes. And apricots”. Bizarre! Made me laugh though.

• • Every morning you came down and put a magnetic bauble on your advent tree. It really helped you understand how far away Christmas was.


• • Anyone who asked what you wanted for Christmas immediately got told “A doll house!”.

• • For the first time, Daddy and Mummy left you before bedtime. Nana and Grandad successfully put you to bed and you were really well behaved except for pinching the little note I’d written for Grandad to remind him of the bedtime steps. Cheeky!

• • You had your first mince pie.

• • After one watch you became obsessed by ‘Tangled’ and kept telling me how you were going to Punsal’s house!


• • Every morning over Christmas you crept into our room first thing and climbed into bed with me for a cuddle. Even on Christmas Day you didn’t immediately ask to go downstairs.

• • You sang yourself to sleep one night singing ‘Jingle Bells’.

• • A CBeebies programme called ‘Do You Know?’ is your new favourite TV show trumping ‘Peppa Pig’ (hurrah!). Your Daddy and I are super chuffed because each show teaches you how things work. Of all episodes, you like watching ‘Eggs and Bread’ and ‘Hamster Wheel and Insect Hotel’ the most.

• • After watching how eggs cook on ‘Do You Know?’, you suddenly wanted a fried egg which you’ve previously refused to eat. You ate it all.


• • You regularly talk to Baby and also tell me how it’s getting stronger ready for when it comes after your birthday.

• • As soon as Christmas Day was done, you already started talking about your birthday and the fact you want a new bike. Whilst on a bike ride one afternoon (on your balance bike) you told Daddy how you could go really fast on it now and you “really did need your pedals”. You also told our friends that you needed “power pedals”!
When Derek Dragon asked to join his friends at the picnic tea, you held his face gently and told him “Oh no, there’s no space darlin'”. It was so cute and funny!

• • I’ll regularly hear you talking to your ‘babies’ (Big Teddy, Little Teddy and co) saying “You must go to toilet. You must!” and then “I’m not happy.”. You’ve been doing it for a few months but it’s so funny and I have only just remembered to write it down!


• • Neither Daddy, I nor any of our extended family really got to open a present as you insisted on opening them all for us. Err, thanks!

• • You went to see Father Christmas for the first time at London Zoo! After being excited for days about it, when we went in you refused to near him until I sat with you and then you looked shocked most of the time.

• • After being unsettled for almost 2 months because your best friends had moved up to the pre-school room at nursery, I decided to see if the nursery could do something to help. I requested they settle you mid-Jan to give you a few hours up there each day until you move in February. However, they said you could start going up there a few hours daily immediately. So from the week before Christmas you went up there whilst the rest of the toddlers napped and within 2 days you were so much happier again. It made the month for me to see your happy, excited face again!


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