What Little H did – 2.2 years

What a month we’ve had Little H,

All three of us have had a tough time, but you more than most when you were struck down with chickenpox. You handled it all so well and then you really took it in your stride when mummy got sick immediately afterwards. In spite of itchy little spots and quarantine, we’ve had a good month!


> Singing is your new favourite thing. You started by singing yourself ‘Wind the bobbin up’ going to sleep (It was so funny “Wiiiiiiinnnnnnnnndddddddddd the bobbin up. Wiiiiiiinnnnnnnnndddddddddd the bobbin up…”. Now you sing so many songs, the most recent being “Tommy Thumb”.

> Nana called out to your daddy using his name, Sam. You overheard and immediately put two-and-two together. Later you called out to him, “Daddy”. When he didn’t answer you continued “Sam! Daddy Sam!”. It had us in stitches.

> You have started saying water properly. It’s awesome but I’m a bit sad that “tawter” has gone…

> Since you discovered Alexa could recite the alphabet to you, you’ve become obsessed with learning it. Everyday you get better and better. It amazes me how good you are at it already!

> I’ve discovered that I say “sorry” way too much because you have spent the entire month apologising for anything and everything. Well, apart from the odd occasion where you have very specifically said “No, not sorry.” and huffed off. Haha.

> When I was poorly, I struggled to find the energy to chase you into your bed for naptime. I flopped on the floor and started to cry from exhaustion. You stopped running around, walked and got a fresh muslin out of your drawer and walked over to me saying “No cry mummy!”. Then you wiped my face with the muslin to dry my tears.

Indoor Play

> I’ll get the toilet talk out of the way, but at the start of the month your potty use was really amazing. One night you even had a nappy which was basically dry and then you went to the potty once you got up. You’ve been set back a little by The Pox but you’ll get back into it I’m sure.

> Auntie Helen bought you Betsy for your first birthday. This month you finally discovered you could bounce her yourself. You went speeding round the lounge in hysterics!

> We baked together for the first time. You really enjoyed it, especially eating the mixture. You didn’t mind the end product either!

> You must pump soap out of the dispenser to wash your hands. You won’t let Mummy help you at all!

> I went and hid behind the curtain in the dining room. You wandered over, wearing your sunglasses(!) and looked for me. You were stood only 1m from me but couldn’t see me. You turned to walk away so I coughed and you spun round. Then I jumped out and you screamed with laughter. It was so funny.

> When you refused to nap one weekend, we set-up a little picnic with all of your animal friends.

Outdoor Play

> Daddy’s hand was finally strong enough for us to get you a balance bike. You love it to bits and are so proud of it. You also picked a cute bee helmet which you like wearing, which we are pleased about!

> Whilst you were poorly with chickenpox, we spent a couple of mornings in the garden. You would play on your slide or with your wheelbarrow and some water. I got some weeding done!

> Mid-way through your garden play, you walked up behind me, wrapped your arms round me and laid your face on my back. It was incredibly sweet!

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