What Little H did – 2.3 years

Ah my lovely we’ve had such a good month together. The weather has been nicer so we’ve been outside exploring. You enjoy walking everywhere now and you can get around all the steps in the garden unaided. You genuinely do not stop talking my love! Let’s check out your busy April…


> You are without a doubt a foodie. Everytime we drive past Zizzi’s, whatever time of the day, you started shrieking “H lunch, H lunch!”. You’ve only eaten there a couple of times…

> At times I’ve felt you understand sharing but this month you proved it. Whilst I was brushing your hair you drank some milk then gave some to Lamby. Then you turned to me and said “Share’ before giving her some more! Clever girl.

> I think you now tell me to be careful more than I say it to you!

> Whenever you see someone get a present or see lit candles, you start singing “Happy to you!” (You haven’t figured out how to say birthday yet.) It was very cute on Daddy’s birthday: “Happy to you Daddy Sam!”.

> When Daddy tried eating an entire mini cake in one go and realised it was too much, you just kept repeating “Silly Daddy!”. It made him almost choke whilst laughing.

> You’re continually singing the ‘Tommy Thumb’ song with various different names. You like to sing about “Mummy Finger” and “Daddy Finger” the most. But the other day you did a whole verse about Grandad’s “White Car”.

> The other day playing with a flag Daddy got from you work you suddenly said “Look Mummy, it’s spinny spinny roundy.” I don’t know why but it tickled me and I could NOT stop laughing!

> Daddy spotted some hot air balloons going over the house before bed one night. You were AMAZED by them. You had to watch them until they vanished from sight. Then you talked about them until you fell asleep and the first word you said to be the next morning was balloon!

Indoor Play

> One Monday morning I went into your room to get you up. You said “No” and sent me downstairs for your milk. Then you asked me to pass you some books. You stayed reading in bed for half an hour!

> When we were using the toilets in a cafe one day, someone used the hand dryer and it made you jump out of your skin and run to me. For all of your ‘big girl’ behaviour, this reminded me you are still a little small.

> In the same vein, one night you couldn’t sleep for coughing. I went in and was putting Snuffle Babe on you when you muttered “Duddle.” I picked you up and you snuggled into me like a baby.

> You keep climbing the stairs without permission just so you can bump back down them!

> One afternoon you suddenly started flapping your arms and crying “FLY, FLY!” whilst galloping along. Ever since you’ve done it regularly! It’s so funny.

Outdoor Play

> I’m further developing your love of gardening; you planted your first plant out in the garden – a small succulent in a pot for the patio.

> But to make sure I don’t feel too relaxed about it all, you now like to throw yourself head first down your slide.

> And you’ve started jumping off stairs by leaning forward and sticking your arms back behind you. You jump just as I am about to have a small heart-attack thinking you’ll face-plant the concrete.

> We bumped into your friend Little O in town. You both ran around like loons for half an hour, jumping up and down the steps and laying on the grass. It was so funny and cute!

> You’re slowly getting road smart. As we approached a road you grabbed my hand and said “Road.”

> Your stamina is also really growing. You walked for miles on a morning trip to Hertford, ran around Wisley for hours on Easter Sunday and then all the way along the beach at Mersea Island to town.

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