What Little H did – 2.4 years

Little H, we’ve had an awesome month doing on lots of fun activities. You have astounded me yet again by developing every day. I swear you spend more time telling me what to do than the other way round! You’ve also been testing me again so mummy has had to develop her ‘Patience’ super strength even further. But I have loved every minute of it. Well, almost 😉



> Instead of saying ‘cornflakes’ you say ‘flornflakes’. It makes me laugh every time.

> Despite me telling you over-and-over that butterflies are called just that, you prefer to call them “daddyflies” and then flapping your hand around.


> Daddy and I (amongst others) spent a large proportion of the month being told “Come here now!”. Delightful…

> When you don’t want to do something, we get told “Just two mix-its”, where I think you mean “two minutes”.

> I was holding you up so you could turn on your GroClock at bedtime. I went to remind you what to do when you turned to me and said “No speaking” and put your hand on my mouth!

Indoor Play

> There was a charity Superhero Day at nursery and you went in wearing a Superman t-shirt and took your Superman Sergii (of Compare the Meerkat fame) along with you.

> Auntie Lou-Lou gave you a balloon to take home and it was the toy du weekend. You spent ages throwing it around and shouting ‘Catch!’ whilst in peals of laughter.

> They had children trolleys in the supermarket at Center Parcs. You loved them!


> You finally let me dry your hair with a hair dryer at Center Parcs! We successfully did it a couple of times at home until you declared you didn’t like it again.

> You’ve figured out your GroClock now. When you don’t want to go to sleep you tell me the sun needs to “be up”.

> After several months of using the potty and toilet more and more, you finally made the big step into Big Girl Pants. I’m so proud of you!

Outdoor Play

> You successfully climbed a vertical ladder unaided on a climbing frame.

> We went to returned my faulty slippers, you said to the shop assistant in your most serious voice: “Mummy slippers brooken”. He was a young lad and just looked bewildered!

> Whilst chatting to our new neighbours after work one day, you ran off to the house and shut the front door on me. It is fortunate I always keep my keys on me because I, quite rightly it seems, have never trusted you with that door.


> Every sandcastle I made for you at Center Parcs was immediately knocked down. Then you started on an amazing creation another family had built once they left the beach.

> As you tell me repeatedly, after a trip to our local park farm you now no longer like tractors. You also don’t like donkeys after sitting on one for a ride at a town event…then immediately leaping off on to me.


> But you went to a Baby Owls session with daddy at Center Parcs where you had an owl land on your hand. You kept mentioning it several weeks later.

> You knocked the left indicator on in the car whilst playing driving after getting home from nursery. I didn’t notice despite checking. 3 hours later daddy noticed before bed and by then the battery was almost dead and the car wouldn’t start. Argh! Silly mummy.

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