What Little H did – 2.5 years

Little H,

Every month I am astounded by how you develop and grow. This month is no exception! I really cannot believe you aren’t even two and a half yet! You’ve done so much this month including a lot of growing and developing. The end of the month has been a little tough though as you got a horrible virus which has thrown you off a bit. After several nights with a high fever, you were then really unsettled in yourself to the entent I took a day off work to keep you home after 2 bad days at nursery. You’ve become very attached to me since then which, whilst I don’t mind, I hope passes because you’re usually such a social creature! But never fear, you’ve had lots of positive moments to remember this month too:


> Biggest accomplishment of the month by far is you moved to Big Girl pants!! There were a few accidents but several weeks on and you’ve got it properly nailed! To the extent that I don’t even think about it when we go out now.

> Because we started talking about Big Girl pants and that you were a “Big Girl” for using the toilet, you now call Daddy and I Big Boy/Girl whenever we do anything you think deserves praise. It makes me laugh!

> When we went to visit Helen, you and Little I went upstairs to play. Because she’s almost 4 she’s a little more physically able than you and didn’t realise jumping on the bed was a bad idea. I heard a thump and crying to find you on the floor in a heap…fortunately unharmed! (We didn’t leave you unsupervised again after that…) For the rest of the weekend you kept telling us all “No jumping on the bed!” in a teachery tone!

Hair Washing

> On one of the hot weekend days, you went in the paddling pool. You asked to wash your hair and then poured cold water over your fringe shrieking! When you tired of that, you then washed daddy’s hair. He shrieked with the cold even more!

> You will monologue for minutes at a time now, with expressive hand gestures to enhance your story. The bits of the stories I do understand are usually compilations of things that have happened over various days or weeks, such as falling over.

> I called to ask Daddy the time whilst you were in the bath. He didn’t answer so you shouting “Daddy, Mummy ask da time please.”. It made me laugh so hard!

> Instead of putting your dirty clothes into your laundry box in the main bathroom, you started marching into my and daddy’s room to put them into our basket. You were so proud of yourself.


> At nursery they do routine ‘Nappy Checks’ on all the nappy-wearing children. You started putting socks on your hands (as gloves), crying “Nappy Check!” and then putting your toys on to a cloth to clean their bottoms. Once you even wrapped a muslin cloth round you like an apron! It made your key worker smile when I showed you the photo.

> You can finally put your own clips in your hair. Albeit interestingly…

> Some of your stories show real imagination now. We saw a train go by the other day. I asked you who was on the train and you told me it was people going “on holiday with new paint brushes”. So random!

> I was singing “You’re welcome” from Moana when you suddenly looked at me and said loudly “Yo welcome!”. You kept saying it for the rest of the week.

> You will play for even longer on your own now. It means that sometimes mummy can just sit down and rest or get some chores done whilst you’re at wake.

> When I had to take you to the doctor because of your fever, you were such a good girl. You didn’t cry and let him check you over quickly and efficiently. The only time you resisted was when he had to check your throat a third time…but nobody likes those wooden sticks they use so it was fair enough!


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