What Little H did – 2.6 years

Hola Little H,

This month has seen you back to your normal self. You are slightly more clingy to me than you used to be, but after your upset at nursery you went back to happily going in just as quickly. It was a real relief and Daddy and I don’t like it when you’re unsettled. You’re speech has cranked up another notch and you’re interest in things like schedules, routine and days of the week is growing day-on-day. It’s been a long time since you’ve tired me out this much too though, for reasons I go on to mention. But you more than make-up for it with your funny antics and affectionate behaviour.

Here’s what happened the month you turned 2 and a half years old!


• • This morning you walked into my bedroom whilst I was getting dressed and declared “Look Mummy, I got Toe Snails!”. You meant toenails of course but it took me a minute to figure that out from laughing!

• • In the car one day you suddenly declared “Daddy loves me.” which was very sweet! I told you “Yes, he does lots and lots.”. You seemed quite pleased with the answer.

• • One of your new habit which makes me laugh is when something happens and you turn to me and ask “Whaz ‘appened?” in a really serious and somber tone.


• • You’ve stopped napping – argh! Although occasionally you’ll fall asleep on my during a film. After you fell asleep on me during Toy Story 2 I had to change my t-shirt because I had a clammy sweat patch on my top.

• • When you want to get passed or want something, you say “espise me”.

• • You asked me to get you some cheese which I did. You ate one piece and then ran off. Daddy asked you to eat some more so you brought the cheese over to him and told him “I’m busy’ before running off again.


• • One day in the bath you turned to me and said “No grapes. No pork. No fruit.” then chuckled. Then you did it over and over throughout the bath. At nursery they teach you the food you aren’t able to eat and you’d decided to recite it back to me at the most bizarre time.

• • We were sat together at dinner time when you suddenly touched my face and said “I love you.” It was so sweet.

• • One night you got scared because you heard an owl outside your bedroom window. But then the next morning (and several days after) you kept talking about “my owl” over and over again, saying how it goes to sleep when you wake up.


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