What Little H did – 20 months

My lovely little H,

Yet another month has passed. Every month I think you can’t possible do as much as the one before, yet you continue to amaze me. Somewhere during this last few weeks I realised calling you ‘Mini H’ seemed wrong; So ‘Little H’ you now are. You discover a new word or skill everyday and I can’t and don’t want to keep up. But there is no stopping you so all I can do is take pleasure in watching you conquer the world. Here’s what you did in September!



> I have to start with communication this month as it’s come on leaps and bounds. You’ve learnt more words than I can keep track of, including: stuck (“duck”), gone (“don”), sock (you say that properly!) and car (“dar”);

> You’re also starting to form two word sentences. By far your favourite mini-sentences are “Dat something“: “Dat dar”, “Dat mummy”, “Dat daddy” (which could mean “That’s daddy” or “That’s a bird” depending on what’s around!);

> When you have had enough of something and want to go, you’ll say “bye-bye” to whatever it is, then wave. When we went to Whipsnade we took you to see the penguins. You were engrossed for 5 minutes and then I asked if you were finished. You said “Yah”. Your Daddy said you hadn’t understood…until you said ‘bye-bye”, waved and pointed to the exit!;

> You love showing your animals friends things too. When we went to see the Lemurs, you held Monkey up to see his real-life friends and said “Oooh, oooh, oooh”;

> Every single sound you hear (even things my comparably old ears can’t pick-up) has you pointing at your ear at saying “Dat?” whilst looking at us questioningly. We tell you what you’re hearing and you almost always “Oooh” in response;


Indoor Play

> You learnt how to drive the little cars at playgroup. I kept thinking we should get you one until I remembered that your old walker turns into a ride on car (one of the reasons I bought it!). You were obsessed from the moment I brought it out. You drove it all round the downstairs and within half a day, you’d mastered the steering!;

> We’ve done the food shop together on Friday a couple of times. When we get home you immediately start unpacking the bags and handing me things. When I point and ask for something, you bring it. Then if I ask you to put it on the side, you stretch up and pop it on the counter. You even correctly took a birthday card and put it on the dining table…without bending it. You’re a proper little helper!;

> Your stair climbing is advancing too. You like to stride up the stairs now (holding my hands though of course) putting only 1 foot on each step as if you were a grown-up. I think you need to a grow a bit taller still my lovely to manage it without help but it has astounded me your legs are long enough to do it at all…;

> Another independent streak struck though. You don’t like being told what to do. When I asked you after your nap if you wanted to go downstairs, you wanted to stay in your room and read your book. You pushed me out your room. I tried to trick you by saying goodbye. You waited at the stair gate to ensure I actually went downstairs. You said “bye-bye” once more then went in your room and shut the door. Oh I laughed. When I went up a few minutes later you were sat quietly on your bean bag reading. You saw me, said “no, no” and pushed me back out again;


Outdoor Play

> The weather started to turn so I bought you some wellies. You became obsessed with them! They’re tricky to put on though, so you keep getting frustrated;

> You’re still enamoured with my watering can. You make daddy water the plants with you. He holds the watering can then when it’s pouring time, you hold the handle and help tip it. A gardener in the making like mummy and Nana W;

> We had to take you for another haircut too – your fringe was so long it was getting in your eyes. We took you to Madhatters again so you could sit in the Frozen car and watch Frozen. Last time you got a bit scared. This time you didn’t care. The only emotion you exhibited was annoyance when the lady started cutting your fringe during “Do you want to build a snowman?” so you couldn’t see. You know your priorities!

I’m both excited and nervous about what October holds. I fear we will soon be living under your rule and command in this house. Plus the second birthday grows ever closer…


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