What Little H did – 21 months

Ah little H,

It has been an eventful month for us both! There have been so many happy and funny moments. But we also had to go through one of the scariest experiences of my life when you were poorly. I feel like you’ve grown so independent in the last 30 days. You want to do so much yourself, without Mummy or Daddy helping. Yet your need for us to be there to reassure you seems stronger than ever; More and more often you’ll come and grab ours hands to go with you on one of your ‘explorations’ (more often that not to get a snack!). This is your October:


The ‘incident’

> I shan’t replay the whole event, I’ve done that. But if I was scared and exhausted, I can’t imagine how you must have felt. You were such a brave little girl. Sometimes you cried but you let people check you without much complaint when all you wanted to do was sleep;

> When we got home from the hospital at 10:30pm, you were so excited to see Grandad at the door that you spend 2 minutes running around the lounge shrieking…before conking out in bed!;

> For 5 days you had to take liquid penicillin which Mummy knows tastes disgusting. It upset you a lot and after I tried to hide it in your food (to no avail – you’re too smart!) you didn’t trust anything I gave you that wasn’t in a sealed container. I had to resort to forcing it into you 4 times a day but you quickly realised that if you had it, you’d get a little piece of chocolate. The last few times you didn’t even cry;



> Your vocabulary has grown a lot this month. It feels like it’s almost doubled. You’re favourite words now include: “up”, “down”, “closed”, “dark”, “arm”, “toes” (or “tooesshh”) and “plane” (which is what you call anything in the sky that’s not a bird);

> You’re saying more two word sentences now. My absolute favourite was when you walked into the kitchen with a speck of dirt on your finger. You held it up to me and went “Yuk. DIRTY!” and made me put it in the bin;

> Daddy and I are often in stitches at bedtime. You’ll not longer just sit and listen to Daddy read a book. Now you’ll give Daddy a book and hold one yourself to read. Then you’ll turn the pages and proceed to gabble away through each of them at the top of your lungs. I think Teddy and Lamby understand you better than we do;

> Cuddles have always been a favourite of yours, but you can now say cuddles (“duddles”). I first saw you do it by fluke on the monitor when you had woken from a nap. You grabbed Teddy, said “duddle” and gave him a massive bear hug!

Indoor Play


> You’ve been enjoying the tea set Nana and Grandad got you. When you pour the tea, you make a “shhh” noise and always take the lid off the tea pot. When we got home from nursery the other day you walked in, yelled “TEA!”, pointed for me to sit on the sofa then brought me a cup. Everytime I asked for a refill I got one too. Life will be wonderful when you can make proper tea!;

> You also like to match the coloured spoon to the correct colour cup in your tea set;

> Jumping is one of your major focuses at the moment and you finally managed to jump with two feet;

> The dining room curtain is one of the most popular ‘toys’ these days. It’s now the top spot for playing hide and seek. Several times a day (including any mention of a nappy change!) will see a H-shaped blob appear behind the curtain. You’ve got incredible patience too – one day you stayed there for over 5 minutes…waiting;

Outdoor Play


> We’ve been growing tomatoes the whole summer, but only this month did you twig that the red things on them were the yummy fruits you enjoy so much. You’ve loved going out there and picking them with Daddy who will then cut them so you can eat them fresh!;

> It’s been colder so we’ve not been in the garden quite as much. But you’ve been enjoying the wibbly animals recently when we go to the park;

> We’ve also been going out on a lot more local walks without the buggy. You’re really building up your stamina…but still need Mummy to carry you a bit out of principle!

A couple of ‘funnies’


> You had a lie-in! A couple of weeks ago you were chatting away from 5am for about an hour and then fell back to sleep. So when you didn’t wake at 7am, I left you to sleep until you naturally awoke just before 8am. I took your milk up and you drank it in your cot. I put your radio on and then asked if you wanted to get up. You laid back down, said “No, bye-bye.” and send me away. I shut your door and went downstairs chuckling. You lay chatting to Teddy and Lamby in your cot, sipping your milk. When I went back-up 10 minutes later, you said “bye-bye” as soon as I walked in the room. It took some convincing to get you up;

> Whenever I think you might need your nappy changed and you deny having ‘deposited’ anything in there, I check your nappy by peeking in the back. The other day you walked up to me, looked at me with questioning eyes and went “Poo?”. I said “No, Mummy is fine.” but you toddled round behind me and started tugging at the my jeans. Daddy and I were in hysterics! Clearly we can expect you to mimic everything we do now…

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