What Little H did – 22 months

Hello my lovely Little H,

Your Auntie Jenny said the other day that you really feel like “a little person” now and I think that wonderfully captures your month. You have, of course, always been a little person. But you have your own views and opinions now which you are, without a doubt, happy to express! Some days you are so, so challenging. (I still can’t understand why having your jumper changed offends you so much, but your dislike brings a delightful start to every day!) Every single day with you is great fun though and when I look at pictures from this time last year, it feels like a lifetime ago! Here’s what you got up to during your 22nd month, November:



> Your speech has come on leaps and bounds. You are picking-up new words every single day and forming more and more sentences;

> At the start of the month you said your first proper sentence when I picked you up from nursery. You ran out the room where you’d been playing with bubbles and said to me in great excitement: “I be blowin’ bubbles Mummy!”. It made me smile so much!;

> You said “Hello Mummy” and “Hello Daddy” for the first time. I still makes me smile so much when you do that. The novelty has still not worn off that yet!;

> You are fascinated by owls and whenever you see a picture of one you’ll say “twit-twoo” to it. Although it sounds more like “toodle-oo”;


> One of your favourite words that you learnt this month is water, although you say “twarter”! Not only will you point at any water you see and exclaim “TWARTER” but you use it as a general self-pitying grumble, dragged out in a really whiney voice as “twaaarrrtaaaaa”;

> You started calling Molly – one of the nursery staff who you love to bits – ‘Mo Mo’. Whenever you see her you’ll point and say “It’sh a Mo Mo!”. Very cute!;

> Every time you hear a sound, you now point to your ear and ask “Noise?”;

> I asked you to do something one day and you said (whether by accident or not) “okee dokee”. It made me chuckle;

> You started saying “night night”. Such a lovely thing to hear as we leave you at bedtime;

> You can say your name!

Indoor Play


> You were refusing to go to sleep for your nap one afternoon. When you went quiet I checked the monitor thinking maybe you’d nodded off. But no. You’d started playing with your curtain and got your head stuck between the curtain fabric and lining. I had to go in and rescue you!;

> You know you aren’t allowed to stand-up on the sofa. So the other day you kept standing-up on the sofa then, just as I was about to ask you to sit down, you turned to me and said “Sit Down” then threw yourself down on the cushion. Only to repeat about 7 more times! I was secretly amused whilst trying to look annoyed;


> Since your first birthday you’ve had your own special fork and spoon. You want to be like Mummy and Daddy now though so you’ve stopped using them, which makes me a bit sad as you feel so grown-up now. You eat your cereal with an adult spoon and your dinner with an adult fork. You want a knife but no way is that happening yet!;

> When we sit down to watch TV whilst you have your snack, or we read bedtime stories, you’ll often put your arm round my back and pull me in for a cuddle. I secretly love it when you do that;

Outdoor Play


> Planes are now an absolute obsession of yours. Whenever we go outside you look for them. You can hear the faintest plane sounds. And you’ll point in excitement to what appears to me to be empty sky, only for a plane to slowly emerge a few seconds later! I seriously think “A plane. It’s a plane!” is your most used phrase this month;

> Without a doubt you are a toddler who loves the coffee shop scene. But like the cutlery, you want to be a grown-up. So you have to have a little china cup of your own. You have got really good at holding it and drinking from it without help. Plus you look very cute with a little milk moustache;

> Your stamina for walking gets better by the day. We go for a walk round the block every day now without the buggy (although sometimes I have to carry you part of the way because you’re lazy and / or want to look at planes!). The cold has been a shock to you but it really feels that by summer we’ll be able to go to the park and back buggy free!


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