What Little H did – 23 months

Happy Christmas and New Year Little H!

Your second holiday season has arrived and this year you are a lot more aware of it that last year. Although you are still too small to fully appreciate it all. I can only imagine what you’ll be like next year but I suspect there will be a lot more excitement and anticipation! We’ve had an awesome month though.



> Pear is now your favourite fruit and every morning you’ll dash into the kitchen shouting “Pear, pear, pear!”.

> When we are eating lunch, you’ll hold out your fork or spoon to me and say “Hoop. H hoop.”. I quickly established this means “swap”. So I get the sticky utensil covered in food and you get mine. Lovely!

> You string words together and form mini sentences more and more these days. It’s noticeable in the little things such as when you say “More please” or “The Mummy cheese toast” whilst pointing at my lunch.

> More and more words have been added to your vocabulary too! These days there are far too many for me to make a note of but my favourite is “tower”. You’ll empty your blocks onto the floor and drag me through saying “Mummy play. Mummy tower.”. So cute!

> Turns out you really enjoy unwrapping presents now! At the start of Christmas you didn’t really get it. Then on Christmas Day whenever Daddy or I opened something, you would say “H turn” and point to yourself! I wish I’d wrapped all your books individually now…

> One Sunday you climbed onto me, rested your head on my chest and hugged me really tightly. I don’t know why but it was lovely.

Indoor Play

> You ran off whilst Daddy and I were sorting something in the lounge. A few minutes later all I could hear was banging. Turns out you had shut yourself in the utility room and then couldn’t get out!

> You love playing with your Happy Land house. “Boy” is your favourite and you’ll show him things and introduce him to people. Poor “Girl” doesn’t get a look in. When I ask who the mummy and daddy are you declare “It’s Boy Mummy” or “It’s Boy Daddy”.

> We put the Christmas decorations up on the second weekend in December. You were napping at the time so when you woke up and saw them you were SO excited! From that moment on, if the tree lights and lights over the door frame weren’t on every minute you were in the lounge, you would exclaim “UH OH!” and point at them until I turned them on. Just a tad demanding…

> Since baby days you have loved baths. But for some reason at the start of the month you went off them completely and refused to get in. On one occasion you clamped your legs round my waist so hard that we abandoned trying to get you in the water. Fortunately I found the anti-slip bath mat in the cupboard and put that back in. Once you saw it, you declared it “Me Mat” and happily got in the bath again. Haha!

> Since the bath-refusal incident, you’ve stopped letting me carry you from the bathroom to your bedroom. You now hold your towel around yourself and walk back to your room yourself!

> When Daddy sits down to read you your books at bedtime, you now have to sit in whichever seat he’s already sat down on. Even when he asks you where he should sit, you’ll change your mind once he’s sat down and make him move. It makes him either chuckle or grumble depending on his mood!

> You got a wooden train set for Christmas and push the trains round going “choo choo”. When they roll down the slope from the bridge, you say “wheeeeee”.

> You LOVE cruising around the house on your car. A number of times you’ll also pop your sunglasses on to give yourself an extra level of ‘cool’. During the summer you refused to wear them!

Outdoor Play

> I took you on the merry-go-round at Van Hage garden centre. You were really unsure whilst we were riding it. But the moment we got off you became fascinated with it and wanted to go on again!

> You love the Christmas lights down our road. We now go for a walk every afternoon when it’s dark to look at them.

> There has been a massive improvement in your stamina. On Christmas Day, Daddy and I took your for a morning walk. You walked over half a mile holding our hands without asking us to lift you up! You also managed a trip to the local parade with Grandad and I; although we did have to carry you a couple of times. I think you could have managed to walk though…

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8 comments On What Little H did – 23 months

  • Your post reminded me of our Christmas time. Everything is so magic for them 🙂 #dreamteam

  • It’s lovely to keep track of their stages like this. Something precious to look back on. I teach child language acquisition to my A level English group so language stages are something I bore my wife to death with haha.
    David – Potty Adventures

    • Yes it really is. I found I was forgetting things too quickly so took a leaf out of other bloggers’ books and started these at 18 months. Shame I missed the early days but hey-ho! Child language acquisition sounds fascinating. I might look that up! Can appreciate your wife probably being less enthused when she just wants to unwind though – haha! Thanks for reading x

  • M y little boy charges into the kitchen in the morning screaming nana nana for banana! Funny really unless we have no bananas in which case it is carnage! My little girl also freaks out about the bath if there is no bath mat! What is that all about!? So strange when we’re away I have to put a towel down so she’ll get in. Weird. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

    • Haha, so cute! Toddlers are all so zaney aren’t they. I do love it. Until you run out of the thing they want, and as you say, it’s carnage! Thanks for reading x

  • Aw this is so sweet – my little one is 20 months so not far behind and I love doing these round-ups to remember her. They are changing so much at the moment and I love the communication coming on, makes it so interesting! Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x
    Bridie By The Sea recently posted…Where Is Home To You?My Profile

    • Watching speech develop first hand is actually one of the most fascinating experiences ever! Enjoy the increased chatter you’ll get over the next few months xx

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