What Little H did – 3.1 years

So my lovely, this is the last update I’ll write for you before you become a Big Sister. It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached that point. It also astounds me how much you’ve changed since I first found out that this was going to happen. You’ve gone from being a toddler to a big girl and I couldn’t be more proud of you now and how independent you are. The threenager stage is still kicking in hard, but I feel like I’m finally learning how to manage it and you are learning your boundaries. At times it’s been tough when I’ve been tired but I’m pretty sure we’ve had fewer fall outs these months. But above all you’ve been really sharing your caring side as I have been more tired and Daddy has been suffering from a horrible cold. Nothing makes us feel better more than a lovely Little H snuggle! I can’t to see how much you’ll look after your new brother or sister. You’re going to be awesome!


• • You had a complete meltdown two days in a row because we would only let you watch the video for installing your new car seat once! This then started a trend of us having to watch the video every single day only for it to then extend to watching an alternative installation video for another car seat – “The one with the other mummy”.

• • Your car seat obsession continued as one of your favourite games became ‘Car Seat Game’. This involved putting one of your babies (usually Big Teddy and Little Teddy) into the baby’s Maxi Cosi CabrioFix and your old Maxi Cosi Pearl!

• • We were also shocked to realise you could now open your car seat buckle yourself now. So after a few days of educating, you will now let yourself out of your car seat but only after asking permission first!


• • Now you’re 3, you’ve moved up to the pre-school room permanently and you are so happy to be there. You’ve always enjoyed nursery but I’ve never seen you in such a good mood when I collect you!

• • Whilst getting ready for bed, I said to you how you’d grown. You turned to me and said “Yes it’s for pre-school. I get this much big *hold fingers up 2cm apart* and it’s magic.”

• • I got you some frozen yoghurt lollies from the supermarket and they are now your favourite ‘special treat’. You even worked out how to get into the freezer to get them out yourself. Hmmm…


• • We went for a drink and cake at M&S. With a mouthful of good you waggled your finger between your little cup and Daddy’s teapot indicating you wanted some of his Earl Grey! Daddy and I were both very bemused and then reduced to fits of laughter by your little expression.

• • Laughing and joking one evening you suddenly announced “Daddy and H are both funny!”.


• • The weather picked up for a bit so we were able to get back out in the garden. I really enjoyed watching you playing on the lawn throwing your ball around. It made me realise how much you’ve grown since last summer!

• • You helped Nana, Grandad and I in the garden by bringing big buddleia branches over to the bin for cutting down. You kept climbing over them and shouting how you were on a broom like in ‘Room on the Broom’.

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