What Little H did – 3.2 years

Dear Little H,

This has been a big month for you because it’s seen the arrival of your baby sister, Little Z. I was anxious about how you would react when a new person was suddenly introduced into your life, demanding the attention of Daddy and I. However, as with everything, you’ve been a superstar! You’ve had a few moments of jealousy but for the most part you have been so patient and accommodating. You also love kissing and cuddling Little Z.

I’ve found it a rather strange month both knowing you’d soon not be my only child and then having both you and Little Z to care for. I was so scared that you would feel I’d abandoned you and distance yourself from me. But I am so relieved that hasn’t happened. At times I know you find it strange Mummy can’t do everything she used to. But you still regularly tell me I’m your best friend and come to me when you’re sad and need cuddles. Even though Little Z is here, you’ll still always be my little baby!


• • After Z had been born you stuck Little Teddy up your pyjama top and said it was your baby and it would be here in 3 weeks. Then you whipped him out and said “Here he is!”.

• • You thought Z was “eating [my] belly” when I was feeding her the first time you saw it.

• • When we said Little Z would need to use the buggy, you weren’t convinced about giving it up (even though you have hadn’t used it for months!). Then we showed you the buggy board and you were sold. You love daddy zooming you along!


• • The speed you go on your balance bike now is astonishing. I cannot keep up with you, even now I’m not pregnant, and Daddy often has to run to catch-up with you!

• • On your 4th bedtime with Z there, we went to leave after kissing you goodnight and you said “Wait, I want to give Z a kiss.” so I lowered her down and you kissed her goodnight on the head. You now do it every night. So adorable!

• • Daddy said he’d make me a cup of tea and you turned to me and said “A cup of tea? Another cup of tea?!”


• • Auntie Jenny sent you a card after Little Z was born. There was some little present in there too. Daddy and I left you alone for 30 seconds and came back to find a destroyed envelope, a card on the floor, foil scattered everywhere and you munching back a chocolate lolly pop! Cheeky and yet funny to see…

• • Over lunch one day you got down from the table and started jumping round it in a circle shouting “Ribbet, ribbet!”.

• • Six days after we brought Little Z home you declared you wanted to hold her. You then kept asking through the day and being really affectionate with her. It was so cute to watch!


• • We went to John Lewis for cake one Sunday afternoon and Daddy let you get a bit of strawberry gateau-type-cake to share with him. When he asked you to give him a bit you cut off the tiniest fork-full possible (a 1cm wide slither) and declared “Here you go Daddy. We’re sharing!”.

• • Nana knitted you a gilet and it’s your new favourite top! You love it because Daddy has one he wears to drive in when it’s cold. And if we accidentally call it a jumper you quickly correct us: “No, it’s a gilet!”.

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