I must remember, she’s only 2…

Nothing I’m about to say is new. It’s been said by others in one form or another countless times. Anyone who has been or currently is in possession of a toddler will likely relate to this completely. But I need to get it out so I’m going to say this all again: my toddler is driving me to distraction. Everything is a drama. No option she’s presented with is right: she’s tired but doesn’t want to sleep; she’s hungry but doesn’t like any of the snacks on offer; she wants to go for a walk but doesn’t actually want to walk! ARGGGHHHHHH.

Daddy had to move so she could sit on that horse!

Pre-motherhood I wasn’t always the most patient of people, but I was capable of gritting my teeth, biting my tongue, swallowing my pride. As I watch people with Little H now – even her dad – I realise how my patience and tolerance has grown in the last two years. I’ll sit there whilst she faffs about with her shoes. I’ll bake an extra 15 minutes into our going out plans knowing that she’ll climb up the stairs countless times to ‘booomp’ back down again. But every now and then she’ll go through a ‘change’ which makes all of her negative toddler traits that bit harder to bear. We are going through one of those periods as I write this.


But as I sit on the sofa after we’ve put her to bed – even 90 minutes after we’ve left her and I can still hear her faffing rather than sleeping – I have to remind myself that she’s still small. For all her chat and bravado, she’s not even 2.5 years old yet. Her mind is not mature enough yet to deal with logic and reason. She doesn’t ‘get’ that if she sleeps late tonight then she’ll be tired for nursery tomorrow. She doesn’t understand that when I ask her to sit down so I can dry her hair, it’s to stop her getting poorly rather than to just ruin her fun!


Remembering that doesn’t make it any easier though. I just have to steel myself and ride out the storm. Because it will pass. Or I will adapt and find a way of making it less painful, even if it simply means ignoring things and staring into space with a glazed look in my eyes…

Rant over. Thanks for bearing with me!

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68 comments On I must remember, she’s only 2…

  • I am right there with you. I can’t seem to win with Molly at the minute. Every option is the wrong option. Haha. She wants a drink but doesn’t want any of the cups, she wants something to eat but she doesn’t like the cutlery, she wants her hair in a bobble but doesn’t want me to brush it… it goes on and on.. haha #familyfun

    • This sounds exactly like my life. I never thought cups and bobbles could cause so much upset… Sending you good luck vibes for a weekend with lots of crazy-toddler inducing sunshine!

  • Hi. Me again. Just popping back from #fortheloveofBLOG ☺
    Sam – StressyMama recently posted…Sleep tight my little angelMy Profile

  • Oh it is so hard sometimes, my little boy is just 18 months and doesn’t have that many words yet so he’s started to get quite frustrated when he can’t communicate with us. Sometimes I feel myself getting so wound up and I do have to remember how hard it must be for him and that actually I would probably want to lie down and cry if nobody could understand what I wanted and help me out! #FamilyFun
    Ellen recently posted…Preparing for birth with hypnobirthingMy Profile

    • Yes, 18 months on reflection is the golden age for their happiness levels I think. They seem to revel in being sort of understood. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter as she develops and grows. Being able to have a conversation with her is amazing. But that comes at the cost of frustrations and tantrums as she tries to decode the world. The first ‘change’ around her second birthday threw me massively but now I know it’s just another phase so I try and breath through it! Thanks for reading xx

  • I have to remind myself of this sometimes as well – my daughter is driving me batty at the moment, but I have to keep reminding myself that she’s not quite 2 yet, and there’s still so much that her developing brain can’t understand. Oh God, the tantrums, though…#FamilyFun
    The Squirmy Popple recently posted…What to do when your child has hand, foot and mouth diseaseMy Profile

  • I know exactly how you feel. My Lily is 2 and a half. She is exactly like that. For example. Last week she made a card for my mum, last week when she came round we gave her the card, when it came time for my mum to leave, Lily wanted the card to stay here saying “its mine”. So my mum left it and said she would pick it up another time. As my mum left, Lily cried at the window holding out the card wanting to give it back to her nan, so my mum came and got it back from her. As soon as my mum got back into the car with it she cried again saying “its mine its mine” as she wanted the card back. At this point I just let her cry and told her she would see the card at Nans house soon. but it was quite frustrating her getting like that over a card.

    • This made me laugh because I can imagine this happening in our house. But yet I feel bad for saying I found it funny because she must have been feeling such a mix of emotions bless her! Thanks for reading xx

  • It is so hard, my eldest is 4 and lately in a phase of bursting into tears over just about everything. I have to remind myself every day that he is so young, and can’t process things any other way sometimes. xx #fortheloveofblog

  • Mine is five and I still have these moments. Its a daily challenge with these little people, isn’t it? #familyfun
    jeremy@thirstydaddy recently posted…The Pics Not PostedMy Profile

  • My little girl is about to turn 18 months and I feel like it’s the calm before the storm lol! She has changed so much in the last few weeks and it’s been lovely but I fear what is coming! Who knows but I keep reminding myself it’s all part of her growing up and she is far too young to understand logic or how to fully communicate.

    Thank you for sharing this post, I will be referring to this when I am tearing my hair out in the coming months! 😀 #fortheloveofBLOG
    Catherine recently posted…It’s the small things that make all the differenceMy Profile

    • 18 months is an awesome age. My daughter literally changed on her second birthday and for a couple of weeks it felt like she wasn’t my child. But then I realised it was actually me not adapting to her change in need – this time emotional rather than physical as it usually is when they are younger. Once I adjusted my mindset we got back into a happy routine. I remember that everytime she has a dev spurt. It did surprise me how tiring it is, but the new ways we can interact are totally worth it! Thanks for reading xx

  • 2 is such a hard age.. I found 3 even harder with my eldest. I know that doesn’t help but it does get better again. Ellie is 4 now and she is an absolute sweetie to be around. She is the daughter I always knew she was underneath that 2/3 year old cover. Her little sister is now 2 and very much in the swing of being difficult. At least I know it ends this time.

    • That’s good to know. I’ve often read that the more challenging toddlers are usually more independent and settled when they get older. I hold onto that hope! Good luck with your little one 🙂 Thanks for reading xx

  • haha, funny little creatures, leave you wondering what the?! X #coolmumclub

  • It’s funny because we all CONSTANTLY have to remind ourselves that life with two year olds is supposed to be testing isn’t it?! I say this sitting here whilst popping upstairs to tell her to go to sleep TWO hours after putting her to bed and with a black bite mark on my arm 😉
    We’re all in it together!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub
    MMT recently posted…#coolmumclub Linky week 67My Profile

    • In a strange way that’s reassuring to here because we’re 95 mins post bedtime and my daughter is sat at the wrong end of her cot pretending to change her teddy’s nappy… I’m not even bothering to go in after the last few nights. Thanks for reading xx

  • I love this post. It is so important to remind ourselves these things every now and then. I sometimes speak to my 3-year-old like an adult when I expect him to know certain things and then I have to quietly remind myself, “You know he is 3, right!”…ah tough days but this too shall pass. #familyfun
    Suchitra recently posted…Review: Kidloland for Toddlers and PreschoolersMy Profile

    • You’re so right that it will pass. It’s a necessary reminder that half the challenges we experience with toddlers though are of our own making be expecting more than they can deliver in their early years! Thanks for reading xx

  • There are days where I feel like I’m always fighting with her and I’m like, just do what I suggest and everyone will be happy, stop fighting me and every decision! #sharingthebloglove

    • Yeh I don’t mind a debate over, say, a snack. But the fact she has to wear a coat when it’s chucking down, or go to the loo, that’s just infuriating! Thanks for reading x

  • My daughter is 12 and is still going through this. We had a meltdown the other day as she apparently didn’t like the snacks we had for after school!
    Ali Duke recently posted…My Empties May 2017My Profile

    • Haha, I’m not sure how I feel knowing I will still have to deal with this in a decade! I guess as long as I don’t have to have a battle about her using the toilet then I should be happy we’ve made progress 😉

  • Toddlers know just how to push your buttons sometimes, don’t they? My son has just turned 3, and we definitely have days where we struggle, even though like you, I’ve developed reserves of patience I never knew I had! But I do try to remember in those moments that he’s still learning how to control his emotions – it’s just not always that easy to remember in those really testing moments! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    • Yes, sometimes you just someone could cut mum some slack too! Oh well, there are still enough good things to balance it all out. Thanks for reading x

  • Oh Angela you are right many of us feel your pain!! It’s like a right of passage or something to make parenting and being a child just that little bit more fun!! If you can call it that.

    ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬
    Karen | TwoTinyHands recently posted…BlogOn #FamilyFunLinkyMy Profile

    • Yes, I like to think it’s toddlers trying to help their parents develop into super humans. Or something along those lines! Thanks for reading xx

  • It’s really hard to lose sight of the fact that they’re only little isn’t it? I have to stop myself all the time when I’m getting frustrated that they aren’t listening/doing/behaving etc. Thing is one day they will then we’ll miss them being little!

    • Yes I think life with kids is all or nothing so you have to try really hard to get through the bad stuff knowing that the awesome stuff is not going to be there forever! Thanks for reading xx

  • I hear you as we are starting to enter this phase, and our daughter is
    Not even two yet. We have about an hour of shuffling around before my daughter falls asleep. It’s testing, but it’s worth it. I know that I have developed a lot of patience recently. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    • It is most definitely worth it. And you quickly learn to just accept (and to a degree ignore) the shuffling around and just let them be! Thanks for reading xx

  • It’s a difficult age that is a definite! My eldest daughter is nearly 5 and I think the hardest year was 3 years old which you probably don’t want to hear, but it then does get easier. My youngest is nearly 3 years and I am getting myself ready to tackle it again! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    • I have assumed 3 will prove ever more challenging so it’s actually good to hear so I can be prepared. Good luck with round 2 over in your house! xx

  • Yep my nearly three year old is very much the same. It’s swings and roundabouts though as some days she is lovely other day, oh my goodness it makes me loose my mind. It pushes my patience to a whole new place. You’re right they’re only small, they can’t help it but maaaan it is trying isn’t it? Thanks for joining us lovey, wishing you luck!! #familyfun

    • Goodness yes, it is definitely trying at times. But after 10 minutes of shrieking and tantruming, she’ll suddenly do something that has me in hysterics so they know how to keep us on side overall 😉 Thanks for reading xx

  • A rant is understandable. #SharingtheBlogLove
    Helena recently posted…My Family Adventures – MayMy Profile

  • I often think this of both my 2 and 6 year old, it is hard to remember but we must remember they are children, and also that that in itself can drive you mad haha x #SharingTheBlogLove
    Laura | Little Ladies Big World recently posted…Me and Mine – May 2017My Profile

    • Haha, yes you are so right. Plus we all need a fair amount of patience for our other halves, parents and in laws too so we probably need to cut the little ones some slack 😉 Thanks for reading xx

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  • Great post – and an insight into what is around the corner for me! #BloggerClubUK
    mymummymanual recently posted…Give your support to the ‘Every mum movement’My Profile

    • Yeh, take a deep breath and just go with it. Some days seem impossible but you quickly adapt to their new behaviour! Thanks for your comment and good luck xx

  • I often feel as if I have zero patience, but you’re right, if I look back I have much more now than I did be children. #SharingtheBlogLove

    • Yeah, I think we don’t realise when in reality we use more patience before breakfast thank probably in a whole pre-child day! Thanks for reading xx

  • I needed to read this today. MIne is 4 and we are in the midst of a really trying time. I swear he is 4 going on 14 with the attitude I’m getting. But 4 isn’t that old really. School starts in September and he really is ready. Hopefully things will get easier between now and then so we can enjoy the months off together before things change forever. #sharingthebloglove
    Jaki recently posted…Guest Blogger Series: You Won’t Make Me Feel Bad – TammymumMy Profile

    • I’m glad it helped you to read this during a tough day. You’re so right that 4 is still young and he’s dealing with so much. Not that it makes it easier for you but sometimes it is easy to lose perspective as a parent when you’re at your wits end. Hope things have settled and that he loves school when he starts. Thanks for reading xx

  • Completely feeling this at the moment! Our 3 year old likes to sit in the car and not come in the house. No snacks or treats could lure him in today! What did? A bloody spider! Come and help Daddy catch the spider!

  • My daughter is at this stage too and it can be so frustrating. I have to keep reminding myself she’s only little too but sometimes, in the moment, it can be very to do. i think I’ve perfected the glazed staring into space look 😂
    Alana – Burnished Chaos recently posted…Happy Days: Cars, Caves and BeachesMy Profile

  • I know how you feel. My youngest is almost two. It’s a challenge but I keep reminding myself that it’s going to get so much easier! #sharingthebloglove

  • Yes!! Mine are the older but I do have to catch myself from trying to reason in an adult manner with them then getting frustrated with how they respond #sharingthebloglove
    Daydreams of a mum recently posted…The perils of a teenage crush….. when you’re way too old for that! My Profile

  • Been there! You sound just like me hun – the patience has grown so much. My daughter is 3.5 and still the same but yet so fun, has little chats with me and I love being with her. Hang in there! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x
    Sarah Howe recently posted…Best and Worst Week #97My Profile

    • Yes, I already love the chats and laughs we have, which I imagine will only get better and better. I remember those during the tough moments. Thanks for reading xx

  • Oh I’m still going through all these things and mine are so much bigger. There always seems to be spigot going on with the kids:)
    Mainy recently posted…Fun and Fabulous Food in AlcudiaMy Profile

  • Oh I can SOOOOOO relate to this. I am guilty as charged with this one for the twins too. Thanks for reminding me again of just how little they are and how much patience and empathy they need. P.S is the first pic form your weekend at Woburn?! I think I recognise it xx

    • Glad to be of some help! And yes, good spot – it’s the park up and the top near the swimming centre. Little H spent over an hour playing there on the Sunday evening. Thank heavens for grandparents because my husband and I went and got an ice cream!! xx

  • P.S #BLogCrush x
    Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness recently posted…Our London LifeMy Profile

  • Oh yes – I feel your pain! I have a 2yo as well. A few months ago, she went through a period of just shouting really nastily at everyone all the time. I tried so hard to be calm and I explained time and time again that it wasn’t a nice way to speak to each other, but it made no difference. I felt like it was never going to end… but it did… just in time for the toilet training stage where I know she needs the toilet but she refuses to go. Aaaargh! Hahaha #blogcrush
    Lucy At Home recently posted…Blogcrush Week 17 – 9th June 2017My Profile

    • Haha, sounds like my life! We all like to think our children are unique but in many ways they are all just cut from the same toddler-shaped cloth. Thanks for reading xx

  • Parenting is difficult and there are periods where it’s harder. I hope you come out of this particular phase soon and get a break before the next one! #bestandworst

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