Pregnancy the second time round

So I’ve reached that point. That point in pregnancy where I’m ready for the baby to come. I’m big, I’m tired, I can’t move around as easily and I’m ready to meet the new addition to our family. But, exactly as last time (and for almost every other woman in the world) I’m just having to wait. I like to think I’m coping better than last time. For starters I do have some memory of what it feels like once ‘it’ starts – although I’ve definitely repressed some of it – so my anxiety about what lies ahead physically isn’t so acute. I also have my awesome little person keeping me occupied 4 days a week. But nonetheless, I still have to cope with not knowing when labour will start as I over analyse every ache and twinge!

It’s impossible not to reach this stage and reflect back on my pregnancy. It has been so different to my first pregnancy with Little H. Whilst I loved that first experience of growing a little human, carrying Little H was physically very tough. Not only was I coming to terms with Mum’s death, but I also didn’t know my own limits and from about 26 weeks was plagued with terrible Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). I could barely walk and it even hurt to lay down or roll over in bed; there was no respite. The name PGP doesn’t even begin to convey how debilitating the condition can be. So, when I got pregnant a second time I quickly took steps to minimise the impact of PGP a second time; steps which have actually prevented it coming back this time! So despite having a now three year old to care for, my body has taken this second pregnancy in it’s stride. By making small changes early (getting exercises from the physio to do daily, getting in/out the car ‘properly’, standing up using both legs, sleeping with a pillow between my knees, actively practicing Pilates) I am at full term and still able to walk without pain. My hip has held strong and the only twinges I’ve had have been those recent ones due to the baby dropping lower.

Pregnancies 1 (L) and 2 (R) at roughly 39 weeks

However, the pregnancy hasn’t been without its challenges and there are two things that I have found harder: the anxiety and the tiredness. I’ve already talked about the anxiety (or ‘The Fear’ as I also refer to it) in a previous blog post so I shan’t retread my steps. But the tiredness has been stark reminder of the sleep deprivation to come. In the first trimester Little H decided to stop napping whilst exactly at her old nap time I would be falling asleep on the sofa and trying to manage the nausea. Then in the second trimester I could make it through the day only to nod-off on the sofa after tea (we never managed to watch a single episode of ‘Blue Planet 2’ in one sitting!). Finally the third trimester hit with the afternoon nodding off returning followed by almost falling asleep whilst getting Little H ready for bed. Nothing prepared me for having to keep up with the demands on a toddler when all I wanted to do was crawl under my duvet!

But that time is approaching its end. It could be hours, it could still be a couple of weeks. It will be done before the month is over though and I’ll be dealing with a new challenge before me. It’s still daunting and scary like last time but it’s also incredibly exciting. I can’t wait to meet our new family member and to see Little H become a big sister. And if I’m fortunate, the newest Watling will arrive a little quicker than Little H did. But not too fast I hope… *(Take note bump!)*

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