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Just before Christmas, the awesome Josefine from My Danglish Family tagged me to take part in White Camelia’s ‘Rocking Motherhood Tag’. Not only was I excited to be tagged but I was also excited to do something which made me think about all the great stuff I do. As Josefine mentions in her post (which is fantastic so do go and read it once you’ve read mine!), it’s really easy for mums to focus on the things they feel they haven’t done. Right I’m going to wing it so let’s see what I can come up with!

One: I add an extra 20 minutes to every walk so Little H can dawdle and explore the world

Right now Little H is fascinated by stomping on fallen leaves (even though they are now soggy and no longer crunch) and looking for any available puddle to jump in. She also loves to look at birds, stops and wave hello to dogs and cats and point out every single car. But I want her to be able to explore the world and not have to rush through everything like I generally do so when my time is hers, we’ll spend it how she wants to. Well, within reason…haha!

Two: I make her elaborate meals

What mother doesn’t want her child to eat well. I try and make Little H hearty meals as much as possible. I’m very fortunate that she is both a good eater and a vegetable lover. So there are so many things I can and want to make for her. Her favourites dishes are risotto and stew. But I also let her have some cheeky favourites (and toddler staples): cheesy pasta with peas, pizza toast and fish fingers with beans and sweet potato!


Three: When she needs cuddles, she gets cuddles

Sometimes it’s when she falls over. Other times it’s when she can’t get to sleep or wakes in the night and just needs some company. But my little girl will always get a cuddle from me when she needs one!

Four: I warm her milk for when she wakes from her nap

Little H is a big milk lover still. I’m not surprised because I love milk too so… Anyway, when she had a cold once, I warmed her post nap milk to help her soothe her throat. She laid in her cot and guzzled it all down. So now I always warm up her milk to take her when she wakes. On his more serious days, Sam tells me I’m mollycoddling her. But I don’t care even if I am. She likes it so she can have it. Plus, if someone gives me a subpar cuppa it really ruins my evening so I don’t see how this is any different.

Five: I’ll push her on every swing at the park

When we go to the park, Little H will usually want to go on every single swing that is available. So I will dutifully move her from one to the next under her instruction and push her on each. At times it can be a little dull, but heck, it’s only 10 minutes!


Six: I let her pick her own clothes

I don’t give her complete free-reign; we’d never ever leave the house. But I give her a couple of choices everyday so she’s in control of what she wears. She regularly surprises me by going for the top or trousers I hadn’t expected her to go for, proving why it’s good for her to have the choice.

Seven: I’m patient with her

Sure I have my moments where I snap too quickly. But as I watch Sam or other relatives with her when she’s being ‘testing’, I realise how patient I have become. I was never a very patient person by nature but over the last 12 months I have learnt to just take a breath and give her time to get there. If she needs to spend an extra 2 minutes scraping her yoghurt pot then so be it; if she refuses to let me dry her hair then I let her run around for a couple of minutes. Eventually she’ll come willingly or I have just cause to swoop in and grab her!

(It’s had the added benefit that I am now pretty darn patient in most other parts of my life!)

Eight: I know almost every single line of ‘Frozen’


My goodness, my daughter loves that film. Admittedly she’s only really allowed to watch that or ‘Peppa Pig’ but she in reality is enthralled by ‘Frozen’ from the opening credits. So we watch it…very regularly. I recently got ‘Frozen Fever’ on a friend’s recommendation; it’s added a little bit of variety to our viewing.

(Secret confession though, I like ‘Frozen’ too!)

Nine: I sing a lot of songs

I’m not a great singer. But a song or rhyme always cheers Little H up, or calms her down. So especially when we’re getting ready for bed I sing her songs. Some of them are frustratingly addictive, but I love it anyway. This week I have made her chuckle so much by doing an animated rendition of “Five Little Monkeys’!

Ten: She’s the most important thing to me in the entire world

There isn’t much more to say than that. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my girl. From sitting squashed on a cushion on the floor building towers just for her to knock them down; through to waking in the night to check her temperature has gone down when she’s sick. I’ll always be there to support her whenever and however she needs it, over everything else!

So who am I going to nominate?

I really want to hear how the following lovely ladies Rock Motherhood:

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I know from reading their awesome blogs that they definitely rock at being mums. Hopefully they all already realise that but if not, they will after doing this challenge!



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