A room fit for a toddler – some new decoration

DSC_0093When we first moved in to our house I was still breastfeeding H in the morning. She also wasn’t crawling, let alone walking, so we put the sofa-bed from our old spare room (which had been H’s first room for a short time) in her room to give us something to sit on for feeding and story time. But 8 months on and H is a very different child; She’s a toddler. Her room is an okay size but with her cot moved away from the wall (to stop her grabbing cables and trying to get a plug socket), the sofa bed was taking-up all the space. It meant she couldn’t run around in her own room and instead we’d have to chase her round the entire upstairs. So we recently made some changes to update her room and make it a more fun little space for her age!

The ‘seating area’

DSC_0097H’s tallboy drawer unit was right near the door and as her cot has moved out as she’s got more ‘grabby’ the doorway into her room felt really restricted. So we moved the drawers to the corner near the window and then got a couple of bean bag cubes and a couple of cushions to make a little seating area which is much safer for H to climb on than a metal-framed sofa bed.

The ‘reading area’

DSC_0095H loves her books. Inspired by various things I have seen online, including a blog post by me and b make tea, I got a couple of shelves from B&Q. I painted them using some normal matt emulsion to brighten them up and then Sam hung them for at H height so she can easily get to her books and explore. She already loves the fact she can select her bedtime book and then put it away herself before bed!

The decoration

I had originally planned to paint H’s room at some point but once she was settled in I decided that I liked the white backdrop. The initial decoration for her room was some Jomoval stickers which I bought from John Lewis. DSC_0096I still felt it a bit sparse though so I searched out some additional flower stickers in the same brand to put a border around the top of the room. When we moved the furniture around it left a lot of bare wall so I got some additional flower stickers so H had some flowers growing out of the floor; They turned out to be bigger flowers than I expected but actually I’m really pleased with the effect and H loves them almost as much as she loves the ‘bubble’ stickers (the round ones floating randomly on the wall)! The room is finished off with a few pictures, one of which I got from Frame my Name for H’s birthday.

I’m so happy with the result and really like the fact she has plenty of space to run around in her own room now. I never wanted her to have a typical ‘girly’ room and think that I have managed that by just giving her a mix of lovely vibrant colours…but not too many to distract from sleep!

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