Tales of Little Z – 1, 2 & 3 months

Wow, Little Z, when I decided to start your development log with an update covering the first 3 months in one entry, I was sure it would be ages until I actually had to sit and write it. Yet here we are – you are three months old. Three. Months. Where on earth did that time go? And yet I cannot imagine not seeing your smiling little face everyday now. Whilst I was never one to say our family was missing something without you, it is definitely whole now you are here. We all love you to bits and I was more than happy to be toppled from Little H’s ‘Best Friend’ podium knowing you were taking the top spot.


You’re such a happy and easy going soul. I can think of very few occasions in your entire life where you have really cried. You just love to have cuddles and to go along with the rest of the family. I have found your personality such a blessing as most of the time you’ll just roll with whatever is thrown at us – which with your sister at the age she is – could truly be anything. So I’m really looking forward to recording how you grow and develop from the beginning – something I didn’t consider doing until Little H was 18 months old. I hope you enjoy reflecting on this when you’re older! So in no particular order, here is a bit of a recap of your first 3 months.


•• At 3 weeks and 3 days old, I had to finally concede that you’d grow out of your newborn clothes!

•• You started to move into 3-6 month clothes at only 8 weeks

•• You are so physically active. You seem to really want to move – much more than your sister did at this age.


•• Were a trooper when you had to go into hospital. At 6 weeks old you had to deal with a cannula for 3 nights, some of the strongest antibiotics available, an overnight hospital stay, a chest x-ray and (the bit that really upset mummy) a lumbar puncture. Fortunately you had a nasty virus but didn’t need the antibiotics. And through it all you kept smiling!

•• Took your immunisations totally in your stride (apart from the actual injections which you did not enjoy!)


•• Often when I pick you up after feeding or when you’re asleep, you put your hands together on my shoulder and then rest your head on them. Or you’ll snuffle around turning your head back and forth until you’re comfy and then carry on sleeping.

•• There is a post feeding stretch you do which is exactly what Little H used to do. It makes me smile that there are subtle little things like that which already bond you together.

•• You love the mobile over your bed and stare at it awe or astonishment when it plays.

•• You love shadows.

•• You’re such a chilled out a smiley baby. I can get the biggest grins from you..

•• Little H always gets big smiles from you. Of all of us, you always turn towards her voice. One bedtime she was showing you her bath toys and saying “cockadoodledoo” and you start “ooh-ing” and “aahh-ing” back to her in conversation.


•• You graduated to 3-6 month clothes at the ripe old age of 8 weeks. A few slightly bigger 0-3 month baby grows still fit so I kept you in then a little longer to get the wear and to make me feel like you weren’t getting to big to quickly!

•• At about 9 weeks you learnt to intentionally grab things – mainly the dangly hoops hanging down from your play mat!

•• At 10 weeks we started putting you upstairs after your bedtime feed to start your bedtime routine. You also dropped your 9pm feed at that time and, a few days after, started going through most nights until 1:30-2am (rather than 11:30). Mummy has appreciated having a couple of nights with only one wake-up already!


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