Tales of Little Z – 10, 11 and 12 months

Oh my Little Z, how are you one? One year old. One. Whole. Year. Happy birthday my love! I am in real shock that so much time has already passed. But it’s been such a wonderful year. I have thrilled at watching you grow and change. It is an absolute pleasure to watch your relationship with Little H grow stronger and stronger too. You are so mobile now, moving around wherever you want, climbing up, crouching down, standing independently. Will only a finger of support you toddle around. It really won’t be long until you are walking on your own I’m sure – only your confidence is holding you back now I think. The inevitable has happened too – you’re at nursery and I’m returning to work. I miss our time together but I love seeing you explore your new surroundings and relish our time together at home all the more. Exactly as with your big sister, I forget more than I have managed to record. But here are some memories nonetheless so we can remember these months when you are big and grown!

• • When you were 9.5 months old, you weren’t very well. But in spite of this you started to clap!

• • You also started to wave at 9 months old. As the weeks progressed you started waving hello and goodbye to people, understanding the context. Often you also liked to stand-up in your cot when I put you down for a nap or at bedtime and you would wave goodbye as I left the room. It was incredibly sweet!

• • I tracked your development through ‘The Wonder Weeks’ app on my phone and during Leap 7 you started doing exactly what it said you might and exhibited more young baby-like behaviour again. You started coming for more cuddles and then resting your head down on my shoulder, snuggling in. I loved it!

• • For about 5 or 6 weeks until you were 11 months old, you enjoyed playing a game with Daddy at bedtime. You would start feeding only to pop off and glance up at him with a cheeky grin. Depending on how tired you were and how much you wanted your milk, you’d do this several times before Daddy would turn off the light and you’d give into your bedtime milkies.

• • One day whilst having breakfast, the dining room lamp auto-turned off as usual. You noticed though and after glancing at the lamp you then looked up at the light switch as if to say “Mummy, you need to turn it back on.”. I was very impressed for a 10 month old.

• • At 9.5 months old, I sang “Row, row the boat” to you and you started rocking yourself back-and-forth. One afternoon Little H got the hoop out and you both sat opposite each other holding onto it rocking back and forth as Little H sang. It was very sweet and you enjoyed so much playing with your sister.

• • You recognise so much now. At 10 months you were stood in your den. I asked you where your ‘purple sandwich’ was and you glanced down and immediately found the toy lunch box and plucked out the sandwich to show me.

• • The more you explore and the more mobile you become, the cheekier you get. You like to try and get the plant on the fireplace, the TV stand, the speaker, the radiator valve cover and the wooden strip between the dining room and living room. You know you shouldn’t play with them though because as you approach, you stop and glance and Daddy or I as if to say “Yep, I gonna do it.” then you smile and try to get what you’re aiming for before we can reach you. You terror!

• • At 10.5 months old you suddenly started standing on your own with no support for a few seconds at a time. It was amazing. Over just a couple of weeks you started being able to stand for a minute or so at a time. You don’t just flop over either – when you are done, you crouch down carefully. So agile.

• • The week before your 11-month birthday, you had your nursery settles. You really took them in your stride and whilst you didn’t sleep, you went straight in and started exploring the room. No tears, no upset.

• • On your 11-month birthday you started nursery 3-days a week with your sister. You amazed me on your first week by eating well and sleeping at least an hour total each day. You explored and didn’t really cry. I was so proud.

• • After changing your nappy post-nap at 11 months old, you continued to hold Joy, your beloved giraffe toy. I looked at you sand said that you needed to leave her upstairs in your cot. So you leant over and dropped her past the change table into your cot. Such a smartie!

• • At 11 months and 1.5 weeks, you took 3 whole steps on your own.

• • At 11.5 months I sang ‘Wind the bobbin up’ to you and you started swirling your arms around to do the actions. It made me chuckle as you must have learnt that from nursery!

• • Again at 11.5 months we got you measured for your first shoes but your feet were so small you could only get a pair of pram shoes!

• • A week before your birthday you started getting very distressed teething and it turned out two of your top molars started cutting. Eeek!

• • Whilst everyone was singing the goodbye song at Music Train, you sat waving to the whole room!

• • We were playing blocks and I started to pack them away. I started putting the blocks away into a box and you watched and then copied me. Until you got bored a few blocks in and mooched off.

• • A year from your due date you were teething and far more unhappy than for previous teeth. I put on gel and discovered you were cutting a molar. A molar! Before you were even 1!

• • After being unwell for a while, I was starting to wonder if and when we’d see your cheeky side again. Then a few days before your birthday, you suddenly started terrorising the lounge again with your cheeky grins!

• • If we sing ‘Wind the bobbin’ up’, you start trying to whirl your arms around!

• • At one year old, you tried the slide (me holding you) and you loved it. You also loved stomping round the garden in your pram shoes!

• • On your birthday, Timehop showed me a picture of the day you were born which I hadn’t remembered existed. It was taken by Daddy when you were only a couple of hours old. It almost made me cry and it was such a beautiful mummy-present for me on the anniversary of your arrival!

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