Tales of Little Z – 13, 14 and 15 months

As I started to write this, I looked back on my previous post. I was astonished to read it because it feels like that was all a lifetime ago and you’ve changed so incredibly since then. You are still such an incredibly fun and happy little girl. It is rare for you not to be full of laughter and smiles. And now you’re transitioning into toddlerhood, you’re also developing that cheeky and testing streak. I won’t lie, at times it can be a bit testing and we’d also forgotten how draining it is keeping such a close watch on you. But it’s a joy to see you grow and develop. On top of that, the bond between you and Little H is growing stronger by the day. I know you two are going to be thick as thieves before too long! Here are my memories of you from the last three months:

• • A week after your first birthday you learnt how to put the rings back on your ring stacker, which impressed us all!

• • You love to point at things and go “Da” or “Dat” to find out what they are.

• • At 1 year and 12 days you finally struck out unsupported on foot of your own free will. We were all in the lounge with you and gave you a big clap!

• • You love to be ‘chased’. You’ll start walking away from one of us round my and Daddy’s bed, or form the lounge to the kitchen. Then when any of us moves after you, you squeal with delight and “speed off” with a huge grin.

• • Some of the coos and squeals you made at 12.5 months were so cute. I tried to record them but I’m not sure I managed it and already they have changed and evolved. But the memories are still there.

• • At the pre-Easter Music Train I was eating a piece of hot cross bun that Louise, the teacher, had offered round. I stopped to negotiate with Little H about a fondant fancy she had got hold off. When I looked back down, I realised you’d swiped the hot cross bun from my hand and were munching away on it.

• • Just before you turned 13 month you suddenly mastered using a spoon.

• • One afternoon you were sat in your den stacking hoops. You kept trying to put the elephant shape on top and suddenly you managed it. I clapped and you looked at me with such pride on your face and you lifted the elephant up and down.

• • Just after your 13 month birthday, walking confidence hit you one monday and you went from walking a few short solo bursts to walking everywhere on your own.

• • As I walked you to your den, I asked you where Monkey was and you pointed and said “Dere” (“There”). It was amazing – the first time you’d done something like that. You did it again for Daddy later that day.

• • At 13 months and 1 week, you became fascinated by Little H’s scooter. You would climb on it, hold the handles and loved when Daddy or I pushed you around on it.

• • One night as I sang you “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” whilst putting you down to sleep, you suddenly put your hand up into the air and waved it like a star.

• • As usual when putting you down for a nap, I was singing the little set of “Row, Row the Boat” songs as always. For the third and final song, I reached for Leo as normal to dance him on your tummy. But before I could get him, you grabbed in and rocked him side-to-side like I normally do with a massive grin on your face.

• • At almost 14 months it was strange to even remember you not walking as you were so fast on your feet, zooming everywhere.

• • One day Little H asked me to get out her bubble train. You loved it and followed it around gleefully.

• • You were mooching about Little H’s room one evening as I dried her hair. You wobbled walking passed the book box sat down on the edge and then fell backwards into it so you were laying down. You looked so shocked but Little H and couldn’t help but laugh.

• • I arrived to collect you from nursery and could see you through the window playing with a car garage. You drove the car along the floor and then stood up and said “Hello” to the room, waving. Then you saw me at the window, waved again and mooched over.

• • At bedtime you like to toddle to Little H’s book shelves and select your own books. Then you take them back and put them away…or at least you used to!

• • During your bedtime feed, you like to hold the Meelight (a little portable light thing) and play with it. Then, when we do “Nah-night light” to put it back on the cabinet, you now like to hold the light and put it back on top of your drawer unit.

• • After we’d dried Little H’s hair one night, she put her slipper boots on your hands. You were waving with them on and found it so funny!

• • Even when it’s not your bath day, you desperately try to climb into the bath – you little leg trying desperately to reach the side of the bath.

• • One of your fave tasks at 14 months was to help dry Little H’s hair. You regularly stare back up to me with a massive grin as you hold the hair dryer with me and swoosh it around.

• • If you come across a pair of slippers or shoes, you must take them to their owner immediately. You appear before one of us with arm outstretched, holding a shoe and an earnest expression on your little face. If you can, you will even try and put the footwear on us, especially Little H!

• • “Mo”, or “More”, is now a significant part of your vocabulary, accompanied by your ‘Pointy Finger’ – a finger stuck out, arching away from your little hand in the direction of whatever it is you want.

• • When I sing “The Grand Old Duke of York”, your arms bolt directly above your head. Then if I sing “Mummy, Daddy and Uncle John”, you finling yourself sideways at the points Mummy and Daddy fall off the horse.

• • Little H got her toy buggy back out after it had been packed away for a while. You became obsessed with stomping around pushing it and got very territorial if Little H wanted a go!

• • One afternoon following nursery you kicked-up a real stink about being in your highchair for your snack. I wiped your face and hands, got you down and you ran off. A minute later you dawdled back over and grabbed the snacks before running off again…a trail of crumbs behind you.

• • After discovering that people need more than just slippers in life, you started bringing people anything of theirs you found lying around: notepads, phones, bags and, the cutest of all, your 10 days old baby cousin’s toy bunny.

• • To continue your slipper obsession, you kept trying to wear everyone’s slippers. So Daddy and Little H went to the shop and got you your own pair. The only ones they could get were bright pink “Hey Duggee” ones, but you live them and relish stomping about the house, taking them off and then trying to put them on again.

• • You now have tantrums. Having endured far worse at the hands of your sister, it’s so funny watching you have a squeal and stomp.

• • You figured out how to drive the toy car on your own!

• • At 15 months old whilst we were on holiday, we walked as a family to a class Daddy was taking Little H too. After we’d dropped them I pushed you back to the lodge for your nap. As we got close by, I got you out of your buggy and let you walk down the forest path and across the river bridge. You wandered happily for the 5-10 minutes it took, enjoying stomping in the puddles in your rain suit! When we got back, I put you in your cot for a nap and you sat playing in your cot for a bit. I checked the monitor when you went quiet and you were sat gently swaying. Then suddenly you leant forward, laid down and that was it – you were asleep!

• • On holiday, you got so excited whenever you saw a duck, goose, swan or any other animal. Ever since then the pointy finger will come out and you’ll cry “Mo Gee” (“More Geese”) when you see a bird and you’ll do your hand sign for birds! (Which is actually the baby sign for milk but as we’ve never taught you that one, we know you mean bird!)

• • Your vocabulary is growing faster and faster. As well as “Mo”, “Gee” and “Buu” (“Bird”), you also say “Deh duu” (“Bedtime”) and “Tat taa” (“Snack time”). Your understanding is also amazing. I ask you to do most things and you understand. One evening you dropped your dummy on the floor so I asked you to pick it up and put on the side. After a brief pause you did!

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