Tales of Little Z – 16, 17 & 18 months

Ah my littlest girl, it still never fails to amaze me how much you grow and change in only a few short months. Over the last few months, your personality has strengthened almost every single day. As has your independent streak and strong unwavering resolve. You are at the wonderful age where once you set your mind to something, you keep trying until you’ve got it nailed. Alongside this you remain such a caring and joyful child. Although ever now and then little signs of toddlerhood make an appearance. The next few months are going to be interesting I’m sure!

• • At just over 15 months, you learnt how to climb to the top of the slide at nursery and were already making progress on taking on our slightly taller one at home. A real “Eeek” moment for daddy and I.

• • You get so excited when I get your orange miracle beaker down from the cupboard to give you some milk!

• • One day you suddenly started saying “Beeup” and it made me smile because Little H used to say that when she was tidying up.

• • At 16 months you finally nailed climbing our slide at home and then there as no stopping you!

• • If we hold onto the slide whilst you are climbing it, for whatever reason even if it’s just to rest our hand, you bat our hand away and frown.

• • New words you can say include: “ball”, “teddy”, “bubba” (bubbles) and you also say “mamma” a lot more now.

• • A couple of weeks after learning how to climb our slide, you mastered going down on your own (as long as you weren’t wearing friction-inducing shoes!).

• • You will not stop climbing! It’s amazing but also makes everything such hard work as you need watching so much again.

• • At 17.5 months I got the wooden train set out for you and built you a bit of track. I looked away for a bit and when I looked back down you’d added several more pieces. You kept going and must have added 8-10 pieces. You even corrected a piece you’d put upside down.

• • Your favourite words right now are “daddy” and “no” (or “nooww” as you say it). You’ve done a few two word phrases too including “Dot dat?” (“What’s that?”).

• • You pinched my water bottle off my bedside table but in doing so you knocked off the coaster it was sat on. You stopped, glanced back, went “uh oh” and then went over to straighten it up.

• • The first full day Little H was at school you kept forgetting she wasn’t there. As we got home from Music Train I shut the door and you pointed at it, worried, as you thought I’d shut her out.

• • One bedtime when Daddy was out, I could hear you cackling away. I peeped into all of the rooms but I couldn’t see you anywhere. Nor could Little H. I started to panic incase you were stuck somewhere but then I peered slightly more closely into your room and discovered you stood on the sofa bed in your room, holding onto the back with a cheeky grin on your face.

• • By 18 months you had even more words in your vocabulary. Your favourite word was “spider” – or “bider” – accompanied by a spider hand.

• • You are really starting to love your books and love pointing to the pictures and trying to say the words. You spotted an owl one night and Daddy told you it was an owl. So you kept pointing out every other owl picture and saying “owwwwl”.

• • Whilst you babble away to yourself, you often say “Mina, mina, mina”. I’m not sure what it means but it makes me chuckle.]

• • One Sunday afternoon, I asked you if you would like to go for a walk soon. You immediately nodded yes, jumped up and said “wark” before running to get the pink toy buggy. You said “wark” again then carried it to the gate before trying to ram it through the gate and into the hall. When we eventually headed out we took the buggy with us and you walked along for almost 15 minutes pushing it along. As you started to get obviously tired I had to put you in the buggy but you were not happy and fought hard to stay out!

• • At 18.5 month you love the mermaid doll at Music Train and when I told you what it was you kept saying “mermayd” over and over again.

• • Butter is your new obsession. Whenever you see something with butter on, you point at it and shout “butta” whilst also, usually, running over to try and get some!

• • One Sunday you ran back-and-forth across the lounge, squealing in just your nappy. You were so happy and so funny to watch.

• • Another random phrase you have started to use is “raya, raya, raya”. So funny!

• • If you want your morning or evening milk and aren’t getting it in a timely manner then you walk up to the feeding pillow and start hitting it.

• • At bedtime, you stand at the door of our bedroom and shout “deddy, dow” before running across the room to the wall. You then turn round and repeat until you are either captured for your bath or chased by Little H! You also love to do it across the lounge.

• • As well as climbing, you also now crawl under everything: the dining table, the dining chair (you got stuck), our bed and the sofa bed in your bedroom (you got very stuck!).

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