Tales of Little Z – 19, 20 & 21 months

Bubba Z, these last few months have proven yet again that in those three short years between you and your sister, I have completely forgotten the amount of change that happens in the second year of life. You are a complete force of nature now and your personality grows stronger every day. The relationship you have with your sister also grows stronger, although it can be turbulent at times now you are clear of your own mind and won’t always let her tell you what to do. And with that is an interesting time for Mummy and Daddy; when we were younger we knew that if something happened it would not be caused by you. Not so anymore. You are both going to test our powers of investigation and deduction over the months and years ahead I’m certain.

At times, motherhood but can be tiring. The demands you can, mostly fairly, place on me can wear me down. But these moments when I sit down to summarise another three months of your life offer a critical point of reflection for me. Stories which feel like yesterday are, in reality, months ago and it shocks and scares me sometimes how fast the time is passing. So I want to continue to trying to embrace each moment we have. It would be excellent if you could let me enjoy the odd cup of tea in peace though. And stop stealing my snacks! Love you little one.

• • From 19 months, whenever you were upstairs and couldn’t find your favourite toy, Joy, you just wail “Goy Goy” over and over until you find her. Usually with your dummy hanging out of your mouth.

• • One day when I was stripping my and Daddy’s bed, I left our duvet on the floor. You loved diving onto it at every chance I’ve got, pulling it back of the bed if I tried to tidy it away. You even dragged Little H into your game when she got home from school.

• • One Friday you chucked an entire bowl of toast over the play mat. I made a slightly annoyed comment about the mess of crumbs but you got up and walked off to the kitchen door. I thought you were going to demand another snack but when I let you in you walked straight to the study door because that’s where we keen the hoover! You helped me carry it through to the lounge and then helped hoover the crumbs and put it away. So sweet!

• • One evening there was a bang in the kitchen. You looked concerned so I said “Don’t worry, it was just a noise.”. That didn’t satisfy you and you looked at me and started saying “Noise” over and over whilst pointing at the kitchen until I eventually went to have a look!

• • During half-term, Little H got you a mermaid toy as a present. She brought it to give you at nursery pick-up and you sat saying “merma-yd” over and over again the whole drive home whilst cuddling your new toy. Back home, you and Little H kept running back and forth holding out your mermaid toys so they could “swim”.

• • On the first day back at school after half term, I went to wake you from your nap so we could go and collect Little H. You grumbled as soon as I opened the door and then when I greeted you you just said “Noooou, noooou.” before rolling over. After a minute or so you accepted you needed to wake up and took your milk from me. But you just laid their staring at me until I removed your dummy for you so you could have a drink.

• • It was starting to get dark at the time I picked you up from nursery as the days grew shorter. As I carried you out you would point to the window and say “dahrk” before repeating the word the entire journey home to be sure I knew it was now dark.

• • After learning the word noise, you started using it whenever you heard any sound, accompanied by an annoyed or puzzled face. The best one was at the zoo when we were looking at the elephants. One of them made a sound and you exclaimed “Noise!” to which I responded “It’s the elephant.”. After we repeated that interaction 5 times I stopped replying, to the amusement of some people stood next to us.

• • You finally learnt to say “Yeah” so you switched from a continually negative reply to answering almost everything with a soft little “yeah”. It is very cute!

• • Books are becoming even more of a fascination and we now have to read them before you nap. Your favourite at this age was “Baby Faces” which you became obsessed with.

• • One of the presents in your Music Train Christmas Gift was a drinking bottle. You were so happy as you’d wanted a bottle of your own for ages. I washed it as soon as we got home and you carried it around the entire day, calling out for it when you couldn’t immediately find it!

• • As Christmas approached it was 3 months since you sister started school and you had to adjust to not seeing her both at nursery and on Monday and Friday mornings. It took you some time to get used to her not being there – pointing to her empty car seat when we went out for a while as if we’d forgotten her. But you adapted so well and also relish having a little bit of time to explore your house and the toys on your own.

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