Tales of Little Z – 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 years

Just as I think I am catching-up with your posts, you hit another three month milestone and I realise how far behind I am. This period of your life has to have been on of the most bizarre though as within a couple of weeks of turning two, we were thrown into uncharted territory with a national lockdown to prevent the spread of covid-19. Overnight we were all suddenly at home, as it remained for 10 whole weeks: together all day everyday, working, playing, eating and learning. Of everyone in the house, you adapted the best. You didn’t seem fussed by the change in the slightest and were you happy (and cheeky self) every day. One small benefit of all of this was that it gave me the real privilege of seeing you grow and change in such close quarters. You’re such a smart of sweet little girl. Here are your highlights:

• • Eating breakfast one morning, Little H had a piece of apple. At the time you didn’t really eat it so you didn’t have one. But you saw hers and demanded I give you mine. I passed it over and when you took it, you held it out towards Little H and declared “SAME!”. She and I were flabbergasted as we’d never heard you say that word before which made it all the funnier.

• • When we look out of your window at bedtime, you always look for the “spaceship” – the International Space Station.

• • After your nap one day, you walked up behind Little H and cuddled her. You refused to let you and you both found it hilarious as you walked around behind her, pressed against her back!

• • At bath time, you started to love washing yourself. Daddy will tell you what to wash and you will respond with “Fine.” or “More wasack.” (“More water.”). It was very sweet.

• • As soon as “You’re welcome” comes on the music player, you look-up say “You’re welcome!”. You also regularly talk about “Rapunzel” – the song, the film or Little H’s doll.

• • The toys you really love playing with in your 25th month are the doctors kit (“More calpol.”) and “Dolleees” (Little H’s barbie type dolls).

• • At bedtime you have reached 9 babies in your bed and refuse to let me remove anyone: Joy-Joy; Purple Bunny; Ewan; Vivi; Teddy; Willow; Owl, Baby Doggy and Zog.

• • You have picked up the delightful phrase “Not fair!” from your sister and use it with a sulky face when you don’t get your own way. You also like to yell “No look at me mummy. NO LOOK AT ME!”.

• • We were reading ‘That’s Not My Owl’ when you looked at me and said “Jenny book. Jenny owl book.”. You remembered that Jen has got the book for you at Christmas even though you were only 19 months old at the time.

• • You have been a terror at bedtimes, taking off your sleeping bag and opening the curtains. We have had to start putting your bag on backwards and have moved your cot away from the window.

• • Puzzles are your new accomplishment. In the space of a week you went from not being able to match or connect pieces to being able to pick pieces out of a big pile and put them together. You love doing your animal puzzles and Rescue Squad (your “Customer” puzzles as you call them).

• • As you passed your 25th month marker, you continued to call Ewan the Sheep by the name “Winda”. I have no idea why as it’s nothing like Ewan but there you go…

• • When you want to do something on your own, you say “No, do my own self.”; “Open my own self.”; “Climb my own self.”. It makes me smile as it’s such a cute phrase.

• • Ebelick = elephant; Bagpie = magpie; Fawyin = falling.

• • One day I was out walking with you and Little H had stayed home. You said to me “See Little H. Love Little H!”. It was very sweet and affectionate.

• • We went for a drive one Saturday and you saw some horses in a field out the window. You pointed and cried out “Unicorns!”. Oh to be two!

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