Tales of Little Z – 22, 23 & 24 months

So Little Z, I have been neglectful in writing-up your quarterly posts and it’s only as I now, finally, sit down to catch-up that I realise how neglectful I have been! As are rapidly approaching 2.5 years of age, here in front of me I have a list of highlights stretching back to over six months ago. But late is, as always, better than never and it’s always a pleasure to read through things from so many months on. It shows me how much you, and in this case, life has changed since I wrote them. So, let me cast back to a time before covid-19, social-distancing and lockdown back to the final months of your second year in the world!

• • One bedtime Daddy took you up for a bath. You point to your hair and enquired “Ma hair?”. Daddy said “No, it’s Little H’s hair today.” to which you responded “Oh.” before mooching off to find other pursuits.

• • One afternoon you suddenly started saying “Ya” rather than “Yes”. It was so funny because you sounded incredibly posh!

• • Whilst feeding you at bedtime, you developed this habit of popping-off, looking-up at me and saying “Erm, erm, erm” over and over. I would then suggest different songs I could sing you until you heard one you liked, at which you point you’d say “Yeh!” and then resume feeding.

• • I decided to drop your morning feed before Christmas but the day before I planned, you refused to feed anyway, so I got you a beaker of milk which you happily wandered off with. It was as if you knew my plan and decided to take control!

• • We read ‘Zog’ one day at bedtime. After that you just continually kept searching for “My Zog” whenever you went into Little H’s room where we keep the books.

• • One day I asked you and Little H who wanted crackers. You looked at me, put your hands in the air and said “ME!”. I’d never heard you use the term “me” so clearly before.

• • Sitting on the sofa one afternoon, Daddy did something you didn’t like. So you stuck out your arm towards him, waggled your finger and said “No Daddy!” with a stern face. We were both surprised and amused, especially Daddy!

• • Whilst feeding one night, your hand crept up and found my face. After bashing around a couple of times you found my nose, honked it and then burst out laughing. It did make me chuckle.

• • You have an obsession with the colour yellow. You use it for all colours and so many other things too. We often don’t get it.

Little H: “Do you want pizza?”

You: “Yeh, my yellow.”

• • After 1 year, 10 months and 9 days (680 days) we finally stopped breastfeeding by dropping your bedtime feed. It was a strange feeling for us both and you weren’t immediately happy with it. But you were generally too tired to be bothered for long so would have a drink of water and go to sleep. After a few days you stopped bothering to ask. (Although a few months later when I was getting changed, you pointed to me and went “My milk, haha” so you still remembered.)

• • At Little H’s birthday party you were cross that you weren’t sat with her. So you moved yourself and perched on the edge of the rug next to her and her old nursery friends.

• • Some of your fun words for this quarters are: “Diller” = Sticker; “Seesaws” = Cheese sauce; “Wosack” = Water; “Wa way” = Wrong way.

• • You figured out how to turn on Ewan the Sheep and now turn on the piano melody when you want to go back to sleep. So routinely through the night we now hear the twinkling through the monitor.

• • Daddy asked if you were happy with fish fingers and beans for tea. You said “yeh” so he asked you to check with Little H. You toddled through, crouched down near here with a really sincere and affectionate expression whilst asking “Beans?”. She asked it was fish fingers too, which you confirmed. Whilst she pondered, you went right up to her and bent over with hands on your knees looking eagerly for a reply. When she agreed, you stood right back-up and then led Daddy back to the kitchen.

• • I arrived to collect you at nursery and you pointed at me through the window, telling your friend “My mummy deh!”. It was very cute.

• • You started saying more and more mini sentences which was great at it was much easier to understand what you wanted to tell us.

• • I told Little H to get out of bed or I’d “get” her. I closed my eyes to count to ten and heard Little H move. Before I got to ten you shouted “GONE!”, chuckled and ran off after her.

• • You became obsessed with boiled eggs (“My EGG!”) and satsumas (“orrwenge”).

• • Holding hands started to really infuriate you – you wanted to walk everywhere on your own. If I told you that you need to hold hands in a car park, you’d tell me, “No Mummy, myself!”.

• • One Sunday you finished your breakfast first. You pushed your chair back and cried “Finish, Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh!”. It was hilarious and we all couldn’t stop laughing.

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