The necessary lowering of standards

One morning during my last few weeks of work pre-mat leave I was rushing to finish getting ready because everything was just taking so much longer with the extra 10kg + of weight. In my haste I put my top on before my deodorant had completely dried. When I looked down, there it was: a deodorant mark on my top. Sigh. We’ve all been there; In the seconds that follow you weigh up your options: Is it noticeable? If not, hurrah! Leave it and go and eat. If yes, can it be wiped off or does the top need swapping entirely?

On this occasion, after 5 minutes with a flannel and my hairdryer, I changed my top. I was an additional 5 minutes late, but at least my top was mark free.

Now roll forward 4 months…

I’m feeding H before we set out for her Baby Sensory class. I had built contingency in to the whole changing, feeding, putting-in-the-car-seat thing but most of it has been eaten up by what we will call a nappy ‘incident’. She’s finished feeding just in time and has been winded ready to go into the car seat. Then, just as I drop my guard because I think we’re in the clear, she’s sick all down my (clean I might add) top and trousers. Per my old modus operandi I would have changed the whole ensemble. But no – neither time nor availability of clothing permit that. So I wipe it all off with a muslin cloth and hope that it’s not visible when it dries.

The unfortunate truth is however, that even if I hadn’t had a deadline forcing me out of the house, it’s unlikely I’d still have changed. In a given day, H will be sick on me 2-3 times and quite frankly I don’t own enough clothes to change that regularly without running the washing machine every single evening. Plus, time spent changing could also be spent having a cup of tea. Facing this bleak choice, having a dry top just seems like a luxury I can survive without. Fortunately most of time they can’t really be seen once they are dry.

Of course, in spite of all of this, nothing stops my heart from sinking slightly on those occasions when I realise I have been shopping in town with a crusty white mark on my shoulder…

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