The realities of staying in a hotel with a baby

As I write (or at least start to write) this blog post, it’s Saturday night and I am sat in the bathroom of a hotel near Ascot having been to a friends’ wedding. Writing a blog post in a bathroom is a bit unusual but not completely beyond the realms of imagination you might be thinking. So let me expand further. It’s 7:58pm and, to the best of my knowledge the bride and groom are yet to do their first dance. I think you would agree that is a bit odd to come to a wedding and miss the first dance. My final oddity is that, as I sit in the bathroom, the bedroom is in compete darkness save for a small blue night light. That last piece of information should give a hint of why I am doing what I am doing… just outside the door of this small windowless room (which is actually in really nice condition for a standard hotel bathroom, fortunately) H, my 11 week old daughter, is going to sleep.

This is a reality of having a child that I hadn’t really considered. For some people I know they would actually get away with keeping a baby this young with them at the party because it would sleep in it’s pram. Or they would be able to at least put the TV on quietly in the background in the room as the baby slept. However, our wonderful little daughter only sleeps well if we put her to bed in near darkness. Now I don’t resent that at all – I want her to sleep well. But tired as I may be, I can’t go to bed at 8pm. Also, I don’t want to!

So to the bathroom I have retreated. It’s at this point I can see why most parents I know with small children rent cottages for holidays rather than stay in hotels; I don’t think I could do this for more than one consecutive night. Fortunately there is actually a bath so I shall take this small period of quiet time to enjoy a steaming hot soak and catch up on my reading. Which, in actuality, I have not done since I became pregnant as I didn’t want to risk boiling the baby that turned out to be H. Of course, the Law of Sod states this will be the night that she keeps waking up. But I guess if she does, at least I won’t be leaving wet foot prints on my own carpet!

*Sunday evening update – she didn’t wake once whilst I was in the bath so the carpet stayed dry. I enjoyed a good chunk of book and after about 30 mins came over so sleepy I was in bed by just after 9pm!!

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