The untimely demise of the baby monitor

Last night, Sam and I were both tired from the week. H had gone to sleep easily and we’d both had time to potter about (I went for a run, Sam did some stuff on his laptop) followed by our ‘treat’ dinner of the week – pizza! But for some reason we both seemed to feel a bit anxious and world weary. So, at 9:15pm we sat down to watch an episode of ‘Heroes‘ (we’re re-watching because we lost track of it when it was on TV years ago after the Beeb kept faffing with the scheduling). But even after that we were still both unsettled. So we started packing up to go to bed when I accidentally nudged the baby monitor on the arm of the sofa and it plunged towards the floor. It hit the floor with a gently clonk but when I picked it up, it had SODDING WELL BROKEN.

2015-11-27 14.49.19
As it used to be.

As I stared at the lifeless lump of plastic in front of me, my mood just imploded and I got an irrational combination of angry and upset. I was well aware that I couldn’t keep the monitor on in our room overnight forever. But I had intended to start by just turning the sound off so I could at least see what she was doing before going on a jaunt through the house in the middle of the night at her request. I had never intended my hand to be forced in such a way. Sam tried to reassure me that we’d be able to hear her from her room if she got upset. But I would not be convinced.

We faffed around trying to fix it but to no avail. I won’t lie, it hadn’t exactly led a ‘bump free’ life, falling on the floor (both inside and out) countless times. To be honest, it’s amazing it lasted this long. By 10:25 I’d accepted it wasn’t going to work again so we tried pulling it apart. Probably not the best thing to do when we were both tired and should have been going to sleep.

This morning I awoke having survived one night without the monitor; H woke-up crying at about 1:30am and I did hear her so this might well be the time to stop having the monitor volume on whilst we sleep. But we still need one for when she naps, or in the evenings when she’s asleep and we’re downstairs doing chores, exercising or watching TV. So after today’s morning nap I’ll be heading to town and to a popular UK department store (by whom I may or may not be gainfully employed) to get a new one! I might try and look after this one a little better…

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3 comments On The untimely demise of the baby monitor

  • This made me chickle. I reckon baby monitors should have cases similar to those you put on your mobile phones. Ours survived a few floor incidents.

    I remember my first night without the monitor – I hardly slept at all. Hope you get a replacement x

  • Ah I guess this was a blessing in disguise! I hope that it put your mind at rest that you could still hear her when she cried. I’m going to take your advice and turn the screen off, and use it as an audio monitor, that way I can still hear but won’t be watching it like a hawk. I would love to turn it off entirely but as she’s still waking 4 to 5 times a night this is not really an option right now. Hope that you got a new monitor sorted? Claire x

    • We had a new monitor a couple of days later fortunately. I now have the volume back on low again at night but simply because it doesn’t disturb us and I sleep better knowing I will definitely hear her. She still wakes up in the middle of the night about 40 – 50% of the time and needs a quick drink so until she’s waking very infrequently, think I’ll stick with this. I’m just not carrying it handset around so much these days!

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