Things I had forgotten I love about newborns

• • The ‘frenzied’ look they get when hungry, especially at night. One evening, I came back from a very quick loo trip to find Little Z trying to eat her own blanket as her eyes bulged.

• • The compete and utter focus they have when feeding.

• • Then the absolute submission to the milk drunks!


• • The wonder of newborn cuddles and how engrossing they are. And the fact a newborn loves a mummy snuggle second only to a milky-milk session. After some night feeds, Little Z will be snuggled on my shoulder and I happily sacrifice some extra minutes of sleep to look at her little face and breathe her in.

• • How they offer absolutely no help when you get them dressed but can make it really hard by not bending their limbs. So different after getting used to a pre-schooler that can dress herself!


• • The angelic way they sleep with both little arms up round their head, completely surrendering to their slumber.

• • How they can stay awake for barely minutes almost every time they are driven around in a car / pushed in a buggy / carried in a sling!

• • How tiny they are but then how quickly they grow and become a baby not a newborn.


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