Three months with a new baby: 8 things I couldn’t have lived without

H is now three months old. I cannot believe it’s been that long already. Life has changed so much in that time but yet H being here also feels completely normal, as if she always has been. But getting to this point has been hard work and there are a number of things which being without would have made getting this far so much harder*!

  1. Tea: During pregnancy I completely went off tea. I was really hoping that I would want it again once the baby arrived. I didn’t drink any tea in hospital because it was yukky machine tea, but the first day we got home I had a cup and I haven’t looked back. My morning cuppa particularly really keeps me going;
  2. The washing machine: H goes through clothes at an astounding rate and to avoid buying a tonne of clothes for only a few months we have a wash load on every couple of days. Plus, sometimes there are ‘accidents’ which you just want to wash away ASAP!;
  3. A Tumble Dryer: We didn’t have a tumble dryer before I gave birth. Within a week of bringing H home, we had one. Now it’s sunny it’s easy enough to get clothes dry outside but in the early winter months we’d have had washing sat around for ages without one;
  4. My mobile phone: I use it for recording feeds, reading whilst feeding, keeping in touch with friends and taking LOTS of photos of H. I’d have been lost without it;
  5. My friends: They have let me moan and grumble throughout the whole experience. My best friend is about to have a baby herself so I am very much hoping I can return the favour!;
  6. My NCT group: They all gave birth before me so they’d either been through things before me or were going through them at the same time. They were a wonderful sounding board for issues and it was great to know I wasn’t alone. People often say you’re just ‘buying friends’ by going to NCT classes and that’s true to a degree, but they were worth every penny;
  7. My trainers: After about 4 weeks, I was out walking everyday and that still holds true. Pounding the pavements keeps me sane, keeps me active, gets both H and I some fresh air and if she’s in a tired / stressed / testing mood, will normally calm her down and often send her to sleep;
  8. Last but my no means least, Sam: In those early days especially when I was still recovering from birth, I came down with a bug and I was struggling with breast feeding, Sam was a rock. It was hard for him too but he kept our house running and kept me eating through the torturous night feeds. He deserves a medal for dealing with me in the state I was in sometimes!

Of course I’m not expecting the next three months will be any less challenging so I suspect these things will continue to be as valuable as before!

*First world problems I will admit!

Subsequent to this blog post being published, I realised I’d forgotten one crucial ninth ‘thing’ and called it out in a later post which can be found here!

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