Three months with a new baby: the 9th thing I couldn’t have lived without

I previously wrote a blog post about the 8 things I couldn’t have lived without during our first three months with H. At the time I knew I was missing something but I couldn’t recall what. But last night whilst watching some episodes before bed I remembered:

  1. The Big Bang Theory:Yes, the TV sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. It’s been on TV for years but Sam and I had never watched it. In fact we thought it looked sort of silly and gave it a wide berth. A number of people had told us it was actually really our cup of tea and that we should try it. So in our zombified state in those early weeks we did give it a go. What we discovered was people weren’t lying – it is really funny! So we series linked everything we could and whenever we needed 20 mins of light relief we’d pop one on. In the end, I bought Sam the box set for his birthday so we are now watching them all in order. I suspect they will continue to keep us amused for some weeks to come! Thanks Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, Howard and Penny!


Also, just for general amusement, here is a scene from an early episode which I only saw last week but which made me laugh more than any other BBT scene. Enjoy!

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