Too many cooks…

I always swore that when I had a child I didn’t want to become one of those people that only talks about child-related matters. That still holds true but with H only 5 weeks old, I do very little other than baby-related things at present. So, for now, many of my blog posts are probably going to be centred around the topic!

One thing I have come to realise during the last month (which I expected would be the case before H was born) is that when it comes to how to look after a baby, everyone has an opinion on the topic. To begin with you try and take every bit of advice you are given, but slowly it becomes a bit tiring and / or aggravating. Of course, most people share their advice with completely good intentions and I appreciate that people care and want to help, but combined with more ‘written’ guidance (NHS, specialist websites, books etc.) you quickly reach a saturation point.

I have personally reached the point now where I am trying to read as little as possible, let advice from people mainly wash over me and generally just try to trust my instincts. One’s instincts really do kick in and see you through most things!

On a similar theme, one of my friends recently shared a link to a post on a blog called “Mama Said” with me which I found quite amusing!

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