My Top 10 Online Reads #3

Top10OnlineReadsWelcome to my monthly feature in which I share some of my favourite online articles for the month. I read a lot of blog posts and articles online and whilst I share a lot of them through tweets, it’s easy to miss them and hard to come back to them at another time. This is a list of my top ten reads for the month, a mixture of formal news articles and blog posts. (Like last month, there are actually 11 because I couldn’t choose which one to get rid of.) Enjoy!

  1. When 5 became 4: A really moving post from blogger from Mackenzie Glanville about the loss of one of her oldest friends at the age of 32. Her words really touched me after the death of my Mother in 2014 before H was born;
  2. Sorry about my family, Janet: This post from Mouse, Moo & Me Too really made me chuckle. It sums up so well how traumatic trips to the Health Visitors tend to go down;
  3. You Should Know That Already: This blog post from Mad House Mum really brought home to me the impact the smallest lack of patience or ‘dismissive’ phrase can have on a child. I want my daughter to grow up feeling happy to ask for support. I am going to attempt to never assume / expect she should know something;
  4. 6 Myths About Empowering Employees: This was shared with my by a friend and really hit a nerve. All too often employers try and tell staff they are empowered, which is a completely backwards approach. An interesting read that sums up some of these ‘errors’;
  5. Six Tactics to Keep Your Kids From Becoming Too Materialistic: Pocket recommended this article to me and I’m really glad I read it. There is so much stuff for kids to want these days, but they don’t need most of it. I don’t want H to grow up thinking happiness is tied into possessions. There are some great tips in here and some, such as showing gratitude, are things I have spent the last 6 – 12 months doing myself to find the true value in life;
  6. What I wish I knew in my 30’s: Some great tips from Mummy Muckups. There is so much pressure on people to plan out their lives and do EVERYTHING. But life has its own ideas. Some of these handy hints will have you living a more relaxed life;
  7. He broke me…: A really honest account from Jackijellz which we can all relate to. There are times when our small people push us too far. We shouldn’t feel guilty for snapping but need to learn to brush ourselves off and move on;
  8. Woman vs Woman: This post from The Mother Hub touches on a topic I feel really strongly about: women being pitted against other women. And worst of all, we more often that not bring it on ourselves. So all read, take note and try to stop doing this yourself going forward. Let’s break the habit;

    “Other women are not my competition. I stand with them, not against them.”

  9. How to make your blog content not suck: Just some really handy and pragmatic blog-writing tips from The Squirmy Popple. Plus it made me chuckle!;
  10. All the Little Things – 18 months: This lovely post from Adventures with J inspired me to finally start recording H’s development on my blog;
  11. How are supposed to survive on maternity pay?: I cannot express how much I agree with Power Porter’s post on maternity pay. Some say we should be glad to get something compared to other countries. But supporting mother’s during maternity leave pays back in the long run; Given them quality time with their new baby and they will return to work happy and productive. You get more from a tax paying mother that in costs for 12 months maternity pay. If the British Government really support family then this needs addressing…

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