Top tips for moving house with a baby

Two weeks ago most of our possessions were in boxes and the rest were haphazardly strewn around after being loaded in to a big truck (I didn’t think we had enough to fill it, but apparently we did!) having moved from our house of 8 years to our new family home. We are now pretty well settled in and it’s already feeling like home, but it’s been a hectic and tiring fortnight. Moving is difficult at the best of times, but with an almost-eight-month-old it was even more so. Fortunately she isn’t mobile yet so it could have been a lot harder, but she also won’t just lay passively in a buggy anymore and needs reasonably structured meal and nap times.

The pot plants just managed to squeeze on at the back.

As a natural worrier I was stressing about how to get H through a house move before we were even sure it was going to happen. The one positive to this worrying is that I’d given myself plenty of time to come-up with ways to ensure she was impacted by the move as little as possible. So, for anyone who is likely to have to go through the same thing here are my ‘Top Tips’:

  1. Make sure healthy food is always available: One of the things I was most concerned about was ensuring H had good food available for all of her meals. I knew home-cooked food would be a challenge for a few days around moving day so I prepared ‘food bags’ for the day before until two days after made up of Ella’s Kitchen pouches and HIPP jars. Unfortunately I forgot to get a photo but here is one of the zip-lock bags

    Food bag

    I also had some pre-made bottles of milk available just in case I couldn’t use the Perfect Prep.

  2. Keep important things with you: Baby clothes and bedding is so small that I packed all of H’s in to one of our big suitcases and took it with us in the car. I felt happier knowing that I could get her changed and down for a nap / sleep without having to go near a single removal box if necessary.

  3. Plan nap locations: No-one enjoys having an overtired baby to look after. Given that there was also going to be lot going on, I wanted to try and give her the opportunity to nap as normal in a cot. By co-ordinating with the removal men, she was able to nap in her old room or in our old room for both her naps on packing day and her morning nap on moving day. Whilst the new house was too hectic for her afternoon nap on the Tuesday, a well timed grandparent walk meant she slept in her buggy. Overtiredness was avoided and that was one weight off our minds!

  4. Don’t lose track of favourite toys: There are certain toys which keep H quiet and there is one particular toy (of which there are actually two, but don’t tell her!) without which it would be harder to get her to sleep. Like the clothes, I packed all her toys and put them in the car so we could set-up a play area wherever we needed to if necessary!

    H knows her as Lamby. We know her as Lamby 1.

  5. Get family or friends to help: My in-laws stayed in a nearby hotel for two nights from moving day. It meant we could rotate baby-care between 4 of us and we had extra pairs of hands to slog through things. My Dad then came down the following Saturday and we made more significant progress then just because we could do tedious jobs like put things in the loft whilst he looked after H. Having an extra pair of hands, even for a few hours, cannot be underestimated. Even if they just make you a brew!

  6. Expect the unexpected: So have back-up plans if you can! Some of my trivial back-ups are already mentioned, such as keeping the travel cot to hand and having pre-made formula incase we couldn’t make a fresh bottle. But we also had friends who had offered us the use of their houses if necessary. Things happen that you don’t expect and it pays to plan as much as possible. Sure you won’t think of everything but there are some obvious things that can be thought about. Plus by planning how to deal with something it will probably mean it won’t happen!

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