Weaning is tough work but sleeping-through is in sight!

We’ve been weaning for about a month now and it’s going well I think. H is now on three meals a day plus a mid-morning yoghurt and fruit snack. She has dropped down her milk feeds so she is only really having a morning, mid-afternoon and bedtime milk feed. Despite this, the amount she eats is really quite phenomenal given her size. Today she ate:

  • 7am: Milk feed
  • 8am: Ready Brek with apple puree and two buttered toast sticks (no crusts!)
  • 11am: Yoghurt with apple puree
  • 12:15pm: Salmon, sweet potato, carrot and cheese with mashed potato followed by rice pudding
  • 3pm: Milk feed
  • 5:15pm: Lentil casserole and two baby sweetcorn (only partially eaten although completely destroyed!)
  • 6:30pm: Milk feed

Since I was hoping we’d move (which of course we now will be!) I was reluctant to bulk make and freeze food because I didn’t want to risk wasting food. However, a few days after introducing dinner as her third meal, I realised that the quantities of food needed were much higher than I had anticipated so I’m now bulk cooking and freezing!

2015-08-15 20.40.40
This was the product of a Saturday night ‘living it up’ with some puree-ing

2015-08-18 20.25.15
Keeping track of what I’ve got!

Aside from making the food, working out what to give her on each day requires quite a lot of planning! I try to make sure she gets the right balance of protein, carbohydrate, vegetable and dairy throughout the day. But I also have to gently introduce new foods; I always make sure I have an Ella’s Kitchen pouch as a back-up incase something doesn’t go down well. I find that having a meal planner for her really helps with this, as well as the shopping and cooking (as mentioned in my recent blog post, 6 ways to keep on top of things).

2015-08-18 20.24.34

I am starting to get a little bit of time back though because for the last 5 / 6 nights, H hasn’t needed a night feed. We dropped the dream feed a week ago because she was getting difficult to wake. She then had two nights of a brief feed around 2am and since then she has only needed occasional attention to help her get out of an awkward sleeping positions. I’m not get assuming that the demand for night feeds have completely gone but she’s definitely at a stage where she doesn’t need the food so if she does wake I have a bottle of water on stand-by!

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