What Little H did – 3.5 years

Oh H, you are getting smarter, funnier and more argumentative by the day. But there is so much going on I find myself laughing or in awe at what you do only to forget too minutes later. This list would be so much longer if my brain didn’t keep leaking memories! You’re really making us laugh now though. And you can be really helpful too – bringing things, picking things up. Often without being asked as well. But if we catch you on a bad day / hour / minute then boy do we know about it. Your growly shouting can either make me laugh or cry depending on how I’m feeling. Then the whining really offends my ears. Earlier in the month though I told you that all I heard when you whine is “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” in my ear; I now make that sound whenever you whine and more often than not you can’t help but laugh and be your best smiley you again! You are, as always, my lovely big girl but there is no question about it now – you’re a full blown Threenager!


• • When you were busy pretending to drive one day, I asked what you were doing. This little exchange between us made me chuckle:

H: I’m going on holiday.

Me: Lovely. Where are you going? Holland?

H: Yes, Holland and Mars.

Me: Haha, okay Mars. Is it hot there?

H: No. It’s sunny but very chilly!


• • You had your 3yr 4 month injections. Despite being very anxious you were really brave and got a fancy choc from my birthday selection as a reward!

• • Apparently a moth is actually called a muffin. Haha!

• • You developed a love of the film ‘Big Hero 6’ except you refer to it as ‘Superhero 9’ which I just love.


• • This was quickly replaced by ‘The other superhero film’ which you now call ‘The Credibles’. I love the idea of a film called ‘The Credibles’ but you actually mean ‘The Incredibles’.

• • My birthday was a source of big excitement for you this month. You went into town one Saturday with daddy (on the bus because you really wanted to try the bus) and got be presents. You didn’t understand the concept of surprise so kept telling me about one, trying to show me another and also told me the card you got. But you were super excited to give the presents to me. I especially loved that you selected a box of little fluffy Easter chicks in assorted colours which you have since claimed for your own!


• • At nursery you got to hold a baby duck as part of the ‘Living Eggs’ programme they take part in. You were really excited to tell me how it sat in your hand and ‘had a rest’.

• • After moving past your latest ‘I hate baths’ phase, you still felt the need to grumble about something when you got out. So when I went to dry you, you suddenly shrieked “Noooo! I don’t. Like. Towels.”. It was such a bizarre comment that I just burst into laughter. Daddy joined in and you got cross. So I told you “I’m sorry, but after 3.5 years you suddenly don’t like towels. That’s funny!” and I laughed again which got a fleeting smile from you before you remembered you needed to be cross!


• • When looking at mattresses, we showed you a cabin bed and said “We’re going to get you something like this one day.”. You were so busy trying to climb onto a mattress that you just called out “Yes, of course you can.”.

• • We then laughed at you and you announced “I’m funny actually!”

• • You then preceded to get into one of the children beds!


• • “Of course” and “Of course you can” then became your choice phrases of the month!

• • Daddy set you up an account on an old laptop he had. Your new hobby then became ‘Typing’ and ‘Painting’. The latter was creating multi-coloured art works in Paint which we then had to send to specific family members!


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