What Little H did – 3.6 years

Hola Little H! I read something earlier this month about “Threenagers” always getting bad press but how, in reality, it’s actually a really fun and hilarious age. It made me sit back and realise how the anger and tantrums have subsided a bit now and, when they do happen, how I’ve got much better at dealing with them (or ignoring them completely until you regulate your own mood, which you are getting much better at!). The majority of the time now you really do make me laugh and smile so much. You are so gentle and kind to your sister. You like to help Daddy and I. Your self-play has increased again and you can sometimes get list in your own little world for ages.

In so many ways you have really matured in the last month or so, but you’ve still got that childish innocence which I fear you will start to lose a bit of as you get closer to school age. Exactly as I am trying to embrace to enjoy these early days with Little Z, I am also indulging in all of the time I have with you right now. Thanks for being your awesome little self as always!

[And thanks to The Unmumsy Mum for the reminder that three may be a tricky age but it’s also bloody awesome!]

• • You realised Little Z’s tummy time pillow looked like a feeding pillow. So you popped it round your waist, pulled your top up and pretended to feed Brownie, your toy dog. It was random, funny and also quite sweet that you obviously now see breastfeeding as a common and normal thing!

• • You keep calling a ‘burp’ a ‘girk’. (That sounds like there is excessive burping in your life but there honestly isn’t!)

• • When the hot weather hit, you had great fun sliding into your paddling pool.

• • But then the hot weather went on too long and by the afternoon, or when I’d collect you from nursery, you’d look at me with a sad face and say “My hair is all sweaty.”

• • Little Z has started napping upstairs for her morning nap. One Friday she slept for an hour and twenty minutes meaning we had all that delightful time together drawing and playing. I think we both really valued the uninterrupted time together. Since then you’ve have understood the value of that time. If you are watching a film and Little Z goes for a sleep, I’ll ask you if you want to do something. You often say “After blah has finished.”. But when I point out we could just watch that later when Little Z is up, you usually announce “Actually, yes that’s right. Let’s do…” and launch us into an activity.

• • Whilst helping Daddy set up the highchair for Little Z, you came and picked up the bits for him and declared “I’m a team player.” before marching off.

• • You worked out how to tie your hair in a ponytail in your own.

• • Putting your hair in bobbles and clips also became a slight obsession. You loved putting your hair up all the time.

• • The hair obsession became very helpful in the heat as we had to put your hair up on some of the hot days to keep hair off your face.

• • Whilst organising the 6-9 month clothes for Little Z, you grabbed on of your old sleep suits and put it on like a coat. It was very snug!

• • To our shock and amusement, you announced you could open the stair gate into the front hall on your own. Then you demonstrated it. We have now taken the gate off!

• • Most mornings you wake-up before your sun comes up and come into our bedroom with an armful of toys and books. On some occasions though, especially your earlier nursery mornings, you are still asleep when you need to be up. I come into your room and find you sleepy in bed. I say I’m going to get into bed with you (which is me leaning onto the bed because a toddler bed cannot hold a tall and heavy mummy!) and you lift the sheet and then wrap it round me. Then you give me a cuddle. Last time we did this I whispered “Good morning Big Girl.” and you replied with sleepy eyes “Love you Mummy.”. I do love those mornings where I get to find you in your bed!

• • I let you have a mini magnum a couple of times during the heat. You LOVED them!

• • We made chocolate crispy cakes one afternoon when you wanted to do baking but it was really hot. It transpired very quickly you were only interested in licking the bowl when you tried to convince me to let you eat half the mixture!

• • When we set-up the bouncer for Little Z, you climbed through the seat hole before we put the seat in. You thought it was really funny. Far bigger then when you were last in there!

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