What Little H did – 3.7, 3.8 & 3.9 years

Another three months have gone Little H! Time really does fly and every now and then I look at you and realise how much you’ve changed and grown. It’s easy to forget how much you are still developing when Little Z is next to you growing so rapidly, as babies do. But you feel so far from the toddler you were last summer – when I look back at pictures from our holiday to the Netherlands, you look so small. And you are so smart and sharp – the words and phrases you come out with always make me smile. Sometimes you get upset thinking that we’re laughing at you. But we try so hard to make you understand we’re laughing because what you’ve said is so funny and clever. Of course, you are still three, so you have your angry and stroppy moments. But they are less frequent and don’t last so long anymore. You’re desperate to become 4 which you will do in three short months – so don’t wish the time away by lovely. You only get to the be this age once and you’re so much fun!

In your new ‘Shimmer’ costume!

You’ve been so sweet at points these last few months. On by occasions you’ll hug me and then tell me you miss me when you go to nursery. It’s incredible cute and I just want to squeeze you harder.

Daddy was wiping your slide but you started sliding down it anyway. We asked if you wanted to wait as it wasn’t complete but you told us you by because you “need to clean it by my bottom”.

Amazingly, Little Z didn’t fall off despite trying to wriggle free.

Reading ‘Room on the Broom’ to Little Z one night you said “Down cried the witch and she flew to the ground.”. Then you ad-libbed be lost bit and ended on “she looked for the wand but…the wand wasn’t there.”. It made me chuckle.

When we were buying your new shoes, you pointed to the wall and went “That’s Iron Man!”. The shoes lady and I looked at you stunned. Apparently one of your nursery friends has an Iron Man t-shirt!

You love feeding Little Z, although you get bored quickly!

Tea time for Little Z

Nana and you were playing bubbles with your bubble wand. Nana said “Now you press the button.” to which you responded “I <i>know</i> Nana. I’m not from a different house!”.

I bought you some water colour paints and you love them! It means you can now paint more often as I am happier leaving you unattended with them than the poster paints. Although I have to always remind you not to do ‘hand prints’…

Painting time

You became obsessed with a little park I took you to near our old house. You kept asking to go to the “little park with the spinny thing” (a sort of roundabout).

Sitting eating lunch you asked us a really serious question only to immediately after squish you water bottle and spurt water all over yourself. Very funny!

Hiding under the table when you got in a mood with me!

You gave me a card to pretend to go on the train one morning. You held the nail clippers so you could be the “train chopper” (punching tickets like the guard).

Your ‘Great Women Who Changed the World’ book had a page on Coco Chanel, but you make me smile as you can her Coconut Shell!

Despite watching a morning film one Friday, you wanted to watch another after lunch. I wasn’t convinced but as I carried on eating my lunch you turned to me and said “Okay Mummy, here’s my deal. I can watch blah [I forgot which film it was!] and then you can watch…a FRIENDS!”. Oh it made me laugh hard and in the end you won me over. Although I didn’t get to watch a ‘Friends’!

Laying on me as you read the ‘Mulan’ song card – one of your new favourite films! [I’ve been waiting for ages for you to like ‘Mulan’!]

You absolutely loved going to stay in our ‘holiday house’ in Norfolk. You were then even more excited when you got to stay in another ‘holiday house’ for a couple of nights when we went up to Leeds for Jenny and Steve’s wedding!

It was party season for a lot of your friends again. It’s reminded you your birthday is coming in a few months. You’re already planning your party – you want a trampoline although I think you mean a bouncy castle – and if how we behave around you determines if we’re allowed to come or not! I keep trying to remind you that Daddy and I will need to go as we’ll be sorting the food and cake!

All ready for Jen’s wedding, apart from lunch which you waited fairly patiently for.

You have learnt the word easily so now everything you do or say is “easily”: “I’m getting bigger, easily.”; “I could easily do that.” and more examples than I can remember!

After falling in love with the swimming pool on holiday, you started swimming lessons. You’ve only had one so far but you swam a little bit on your own!

Swimming fun

Some of the phrases you come out with, or have started using all the time, make us chuckle:

Off we take (referring to a plane)

They saved the day!

When I was a little kid…

At some point…

I wasn’t expecting that! (When I bought us ice creams on holiday.)

End of holiday lollies with Daddy

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