What Little H did – 4.4, 4.5 & 4.6 years

It’s taken me almost a month to finally sit down and write this pre-amble to your usual monthly post and you’re steaming into the 8th month of your fifth year now. But most significantly, tomorrow is your last day of nursery (29th August). In fact, by the time I actually post this you will have finished. Reflecting back on the memories for the second quarter, some of them already feel like a life time ago as you’ve continued to grow and change so much. I think the preparations for school and your settles have driven you to develop yet again. I have seen for a couple of months now that whilst you continued to enjoy nursery, the stimulation you needed was no longer there. You, like your friends, were ready for more and have been so excited about the change. As your mummy, it’s a bizarre feeling to know you will soon be a school child. I look back at photos from when you started nursery and I remember it so clearly. I know that you will thrive at school but I can’t help but feel nostalgic for those predictable nursery days. The progression of time is inevitable though and we will all adapt and change with this new stage of life. I am excited to see you grow more over the coming months.

I’ll miss you on Mondays and Fridays though! It won’t be the same doing “princess colouring” on my own!

• • To show you like or dislike something you do a thumbs up or thumbs down. When you are twisting your thumb up and down in a ‘deciding’ mode it always makes me think of ‘Gladiator’.

• • Little Z had to wear one of your t-shirts at nursery after they misplaced her bag and she spilt food on herself. On the drive home you suddenly announced “I don’t want you to wear my t-shirt.” to Little Z. Then immediately after you added “Oh alright, go for it.” which was accompanied by a dramatic arm sweep!

• • As I strapped you into your car seat after nursery you looked at me and said excitedly: “Mummy, only one more nursery and then… [dramatic pause]…dentist day!”. Such a weird obsession!

• • We had to switch you from the 5-point car seat harness to the proper seat belt! You’re so big now. You can also strap yourself in. (Of course we check you.)

• • At the dentist you laid on Daddy in the dentists chair. The dentist gave you some sunglasses to put on to protect your eyes. You put them on, laid back down and then said “I look like a dude!”. We were all doubled over laughing!

• • Tidying-up your shoes when we got home from nursery, you decided to stack pairs of shoes one on top of the other. I loved your innovative approach.

• • At the start of July you had an initial visit to your primary school. As we started to talk about it the week before, you seemed a little hesitant. But the morning of the visit you came in excitedly and told me it was School Day. You had a special dress chosen to swap into when I collected you from nursery. As we waited, you quietly observed the other children. But as soon as you saw the room and garden you were off climbing, sliding, painting and investigating. You explored freely of me and were annoyed when we had to leave. I was so proud watching how you took it in your stride!

• • You love to leap off the top of your slide to the ground even though the slide is taller than you (currently you are about 110cm!). I’m sure I was never that brave and it makes me scared just watching you do it.

• • We picked two lavender sprigs off the bush. Inside you said one was for you and one was for me. Because I’d told you it was relaxing bedtime smell, you set-off to put them in our rooms. You turned to me and said one sprig was all mine because I was “The Best Mummy in the world”. Later I found the lavender tucked into the elastic of my journal – it made my heart melt.

• • A week after your school visit with me, you went for two whole hours on your own. You were so excited and scooted down there. When we arrived you stood near me assessing all the other children. Then when the teachers came out to give you your name badges and invite you in, you were off inside without a backwards glance. It was me walking home with your scooter feeling a bit sad. You enjoyed it so much though and have been continually asking when it’s time for school!

• • One of the things you are most excited about going to school is that one afternoon a week, Nana and Grandad are going to pick you up and give you tea at their house. When you got told this it was like the best thing you’d heard all year!

• • You are amazing at puzzles. We bought you a set of age 5+ princess puzzles and after quietly sitting and working them out you were quickly putting them together on your own!

• • I told you that you would also get a snack at school, like at nursery. I said you were super lucky as mummy didn’t get given snacks at work. The next morning you rand to the fruit bowl and got me an apple to take to work as a snack. I thoroughly enjoyed it that afternoon!

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