What Little H did – 4.7, 4.8 & 4.9 months

As I finally sit down to write this my Little H, it’s less than a month until you hit the big 5.0 – I’m very behind on typing up my updates. And yet, in a way, it’s nice to have left it this long as it has given me a chance to remember how much you’ve changed, grown and taken in your stride over these last 5 months. Your wonderful personality continues to develop and grow. You amaze me all the time with your confidence and willingness to throw yourself into anything and everything. I also love how we can have such comprehensive conversations now; so much so that it’s easy to forget you’re not yet even 5!

• • Over the summer, during your last month at nursery, your writing and reading just continued to improve. If we called out the letters you could write dow any word. You could also sound out any letters in a word whilst reading. Not only that but you started to spot more and more words in books.

• • Over the summer holidays, Daddy took your swimming each week. You loved your “Daddy Swimming Lessons” and you got ever more confident swimming back and forth for almost 45 minutes.

• • I was sat at the table one lunch time when you got up from the table and walked to the bookcase. You reached up and got down one of my plant care books before carefully bringing it over and placing it on my knee. I asked you what it was for and you told me it was to “help sort out the bugs”. It reminded me how compassionate and empathetic you are, whilst also proved that I had allowed the thrips infestation to dominate my mind a bit too much!

• • Over August, your friends started to leave nursery ready for school. You coped with it so well. Then, eventually, your last day arrived. Yet again you took it in your stride although at bedtime on that last day you did turn to me and say “I miss my nursery.”. Such a big change for such a small person.

• • No matter how many times I ask you to lay your clothes (especially your pjs) on your bed, they always end-up inside out and in a heap on the floor.

• • One Sunday you and I played Lego whilst Little Z was napping. It was the weekend after your first full week of school and I’d felt your absence so it was nice to have the one-on-one time together. I built you a house for your people and loved watching you play. Shereen and Mike happily moved in and they also had a train, monster truck, a pirate ship and a space rocket.

• • You were nagging me to let you watch something on TV whilst Little Z and I were still eating. I told you to please wait but you carried on. So, I said that if you carried on whining at me then you’d watch nothing and that I would put on one of my own shows as Little Z wouldn’t care. You tip-toed over and asked what show I would watch. I explained it was a programme about two people decorating an out house in France (‘Escape to the Chateux’). You paused, looked to the side and replied “No, I don’t want that.” before quietly wandering off and amusing yourself.

• • I mentioned a fish curry to you that I used to make for Little Z when I was on maternity leave but had forgotten about. I said I stopped making it because you didn’t like it but perhaps I should make it again. You looked at me and rather than expressing re-newed interest you said with great enthusiasm “You could make it for lunch when I’m at school – for you and Little Z!”. It was so sincere that it made me smile.

• • We went and got your school shoes just before term. The ones that fit had little diamond style gems on the front – you were thrilled!

• • When swimming started for the autumn term, Daddy and I started alternating taking you to class. I’d never seen you swimming in your lesson before and I was so proud seeing you. You kept trying to blow me kisses half-way across the pool which was very sweet but you needed to concentrate!

• • You were so excited to start school. Apart from the anticipation, you were not nervous at all and just keen to get started. Whilst other kids were unsettled and clinging to their parents, we barely got a goodbye as you dashed inside. It was brilliant to watch!

• • One evening after learning your phonics at school you spent the entirety of hair-drying time listing out 3 letters to get me to say the sound or word. An awful lot were genuinely words you have learnt – it was amazing. You loved doing it and I then did a few for you so you were happy to learn how to spell some new words.

• • We ended the ninth month of your fourth year with a wonderful half term together. We went trampolining, for pancakes, for pizza and to the garden centre. It was lovely having some time together after a crazy first half term at school.

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