What we’ve been doing lately #2

Today has been a good day. Little Z slept well last night waking only once. Yes, once! I don’t remember when that last happened. Then this morning she was at her happiest only to then nap for 2 and a half hours. Yes, two and a half hours! We went to a local friend’s home for lunch where she played in a different bouncer and mooched about a different floor. Then when we got home she had a feed and went for another nap. So far she’s been asleep for almost an hour and a half. Yes, an hour and a half! So, miracle of miracles, I am both reasonably rested and had time to do, well, stuff!

During the first nap I made some small chocolate buns. (Do people call them that these days? They seem to be called cupcakes now but, to me, they are buns.) Then I got a final top coat onto the cot top changer Sam made for Little Z. I made a small fabric bag for Little H to keep her clips and bobbles in. Then I did my finances and had a cup of tea. It was awesome! And if it was possible, it made me even happier to see Little Z when she woke up.


The last couple of weeks have been hard so today has been a real treat. It might go south from here, who knows. But to this point it has been excellent. I really needed a day like today after the last few weeks. They’ve not been bad but they’ve been tiring. Especially after last week when Sam was away on a course for 3 nights. Fortunately nothing untoward happened but my anxiety levels sky-rocket whenever he’s away and that’s on top of the extra housework that falls to me.

This weekend though I felt calmer again. Sam went out riding on Sunday so Little H and I need some cooking together. She said she wanted pizza for lunch so I used a tortilla wrap recipe from mamalina.co to make some tortillas with Little H. Then we used some passata I happened to have bought as the topping along with some cheddar and some red pepper that I sautéed. Little H really enjoyed it and ate almost her entire pizza. Then she got to finish it off with a yoghurt lolly which is her favourite thing – I recently bought a lolly mould so I can make them at home to save of packaging and also to make them a little healthier.

Then on Monday we finally got back to Little H’s class. She enjoyed getting back to the post-summer routine and seeing her friends. We spent a lot of time playing together, building and drawing. Then after Little Z’s afternoon nap we went for a walk to post some letters and collected some leaves and flowers to make a picture. I felt really chuffed at myself for the creative parent efforts after feeling like I’ve been riding out the days doing the least tiring activity. I hope that we slowly see these days a little more often so I can give my best to both my girls again! And also enjoy a hot cuppa without worrying about the housework…

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